The Wide Array of the SGP iPhone 4 Case

These days, there is a wide array of snap on cases for the iphone 4, but not all of them are made as well as that of SGP iphone 4 case with the ultra thin case. This case could be compared to the line of Incases snap on line where the case covers the sides and back of the device leaving the screen clear. That’s not to say this case is the norm by any means, in fact, there are a few things that set SGP iphone 4 case apart from the competition. With the iphone 4, many companies have chosen to cover the iphone’s buttons with a button of their own, however SGP iphone 4 case did not follow this trend, instead, it chose to go with the classic cutouts. The case does have separate cutouts for the volume and mute switcher. As with pretty much every snap on case out on the market, the bottom side is fully exposed posing no problem for third party chargers.

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