All About Waxing Your Car

One of the biggest misconceptions about car maintenance today is that a wax job is only worth it if your drive a sports car or a luxury car. The truth is that any car will look better and last longer if it is waxed regularly. Besides adding shine, regular waxing will even make washing your car much easier and less frequently needed. This is because wax acts as a barrier to protect paint from bugs, dust, acid rain, sap and anything that else that may stick to your car. Instead of having to scrub these substances off, they will wash off smoothly without hardly any effort at all. Not only that, but your car will also be more protected from body damage. Dents and scratches not only look bad, but they can be extremely expensive to fix. Little stones and rocks that impact your car at high speeds will be much more likely to move smoothly off of a waxed car rather than damage it.

While many wax manufacturers declare a wax job is needed every one to two months, there are many factors to consider when making that decision. For example, a car that is parked in a garage can get away with less frequent wax jobs than a car that is always parked outside. Extreme weather such as snow, wind and heavy rain will take its toll on any vehicle. A car will need more frequent wax jobs in a colder climate. The type of wax also naturally plays a big part as to how long it lasts. For instance, a synthetic wax is said to last as long as a year, but most wax jobs won’t last longer than a few months.

If you’re still not sure, here is a simple test you can use to see if your car is overdue for a wax job. While washing your car, check out how the water sits on the paint. If it mostly forms into beads of water, then your wax job is still protecting your car, however, if the water is mostly forming into large layers, your car is in need of a good wax job. To perform an additional analysis you’ll need terrycloth that is one hundred percent cotton. After your car has been washed and dried, twist the cloth to the right and to the left with a forceful hand. If it makes a screeching sound, then it’s time to wax your car.

If it has been more than six months since your car has been waxed, it’s best to let the professionals do the job. At the right garage, your car can be detailed properly and efficiently. After washing and drying your car, the technicians will apply a harsh polishing paste and follow it up with motorized buffer over every inch of the painted exterior. Keep in mind that not just any garage will do. Ask what kind of wax is used before having it done, and make sure the wax is carnauba based. Many automatic car washes offer a wax spray that is mostly water and will not be worth your trouble. However, it will be much easier to preserve your car’s exterior with regular waxing at home if you get a proper professional job done first.

Waxing your car at home is actually a very simple process. Start by washing your car thoroughly. Because an automatic wash can get rust and filth from other cars washed onto yours, it’s best to wash your car by hand. Then you can take extra attention to get all the blemishes out before the wax goes on. Use a cotton cloth or sponge to apply a thin coating of wax in a shaded area, and only cover a small section of your car’s exterior at a time. This will allow you to take off the excess wax before it dries. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when waxing a car is using a circular motion which can actually show up after the wax dries. Rather wax in straight lines to hide any streaks that may appear. Visit Kia Menlyn for more articles on passenger cars.

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