The Ivy Apartments as a great women housing BYU Idaho offers

If you’re planning to take up a course in Brigham Young University in Rexburg, Idaho, quality college education will be an assurance. However, there are a couple of things that you need to consider if you’re from out of town or from anywhere that’s at least an hour’s drive from the university, particularly if you’re of the female gender. Perhaps a good place to stay with close proximity to the school for an entire semester or a whole school year is the most vital one. Good news, though, because The Ivy Apartments is now accepting applications for school year 2013.

A brief intro

The Ivy is among the best women’s housing BYU-Idaho can ever offer being that it’s a 10-minute walking distance from the location of the university. It is unlike the usual housings available in the perimeters of Rexburg due to the considerably advanced and wide-ranging features it makes available to its tenants, particularly female students who desire to live their dreams for college studies. Above all, the establishment believes that with the comfort and extra mile of recreation that can be experienced by their tenants, they would be able to gain more focus and have a veritably sound mind for everything that has to be done.

Major features

First on the list of features would be the large and cozy bedrooms that also have ample amount of storage for essential items to be kept at. Every tenant is entitled of her very own desk with a study lamp to help shed light at night. Whenever she feels like crashing by the grocery store to get some meats for a planned Saturday night celebration, no need to worry because the oversized refrigerators will keep them preserved. Air-conditioning and heating are both available, too, even on the lounge areas where you can get to hang out with your roomies for Blu-Ray entertainment, cable TV, wireless internet, group studies, and so on.

The above mentioned are only few of what The Ivy Apartments can offer. They really cover up everything, even your transport needs via shuttle or WeCar services, as well as cleaning services. To sum things up, getting a contract in The Ivy is the best you can ever get.

The Ivy