Solar Power As Easy As ABC

Switching to solar power is now becoming the normal and “thing” as others refer to it but not exactly a normal thing because of its many advantages and so on. Solar power system is easy to install with the help of a professional and reliable contractor nothing could go wrong with the installation. People nowadays choose to utilize solar energy because it is cheap and clean to use than commercial electricity that people tend to purchase from distributing companies.

The installation can totally add value to your home and transform it into another green power plant. Just like the greenhouse for plants, the idea is to produce clean, efficient and safe energy. When you install solar panel on your roof you help the environment by reducing the pollutants that harm nature and in the slowing down the risk of global warming and climate change. This is because solar panel converts the energy from the sun into solar energy which can power up home appliances and office equipment. The energy is provided by the sun, thus, needless for power plants to burn fossil fuels which definitely give off harmful elements that contribute to the pollution.

Solar power systems when installed require a minimal cost for maintenance and expenses are limited to the installation alone. Some countries and states provide incentives and financial assistance just for installing the solar panel on their rooftop. As certain as the sun will shine, your monthly power bill will make a massive cost reduction. This benefit alone makes the solar power system so simple and satisfying and requires you almost nothing. Your choice on this energy system will surely provide you a lifetime supply of almost free, renewable and clean energy. Enjoy solar energy that is tailored to suit your requirements and home location.

If you really would want to use solar energy and spend nothing, look for a company that provides financial assistance upon installation which will totally ask for any centavo. Choose the one that will be able to cater the payment terms you can afford to pay. Though under financing, make sure that you’ll still be able to get a high quality service and that the solar panel being installed will sure gives you free and reliable electricity. A competent solar power installation company will offer nothing but the best in terms of service and cost of product. This will be your ultimate goal in searching for the best company.

Embracing the full potential and rewards of solar energy will mark your independence from utilizing commercial electricity as well as its unpredictable monthly cost. It is the only energy system that allows every household to reduce power cost consumption.

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The Rise of Wearable Solar Technology

What if you could charge your phone, or any of your devices, discretely in your pocket while on the go? No, you wouldn’t have to carry around a solar panel and power system with you. You wouldn’t have to carry a backpack with an integrated solar panel either. Imagine the actual fabric of your clothing as the solar panel. That’s right, the future is coming at us fast.

Researchers at Fudan University in Shanghai have developed a material that can be worn while collecting and converting solar radiation into electricity. The material is lightweight, flexible and inexpensive to produce. The scientists have discovered a way to inter weave microscopic metal wires (the wires are coated with an active polymer which absorbs light) with titanium dioxide nano tubes and another type of active polymer, which forms a fabric.

Thus, all of the components of a traditional solar panel are present, if in an entirely new arrangement. The metal wires absorb sunlight and start the photo voltaic effect by generating’electron holes’. The electrons ‘jump’ from hole to hole, always in the same direction to form an electrical current. The electrons are conducted by the titanium dioxide nano tubes (the negative layer) while the secondary active layer conducts the electron holes (the positive layer). The circuit is completed by a layers or sheets of transparent, conductive carbon nano tubes.

The fabric is able to be bent over 200 times and since the entirety of the ‘threads’ is coated in photo active material, can collect solar energy from both sides. The end result is a thin material that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday usage, fit over irregular shapes and surfaces, all the while efficiently collecting light energy.

The only problem with this technology? It is far away from reaching consumers’ hands. Currently, researchers have only been able to produce a tiny patch of the solar fabric and while this is a huge achievement in itself, it means that there is a long way to go yet before it can be mass scaled. This is one of the most common problems with new solar technologies being developed today. Samples can be created in labs, but developing the equipment and designing the manufacturing processes to be able to produce large batches is a huge challenge. It also doesn’t come cheap, which is partially why so many of these new solar technologies don’t make it to the marketplace quickly.

While it is unlikely that we will be able to wear ‘solar shirts’ within the next few years, it is comforting to keep in mind that once upon a time the type of solar panels that can be found on millions of rooftops around the world was once just a tiny patch of photo active materials.
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