My Diary: Stop Smoking Timeline

Last month, while reading the news and blogs online, I came across an article about weight loss and beauty and how everything is related to my addiction. Yes, let me call it for what it is. It is my addiction. It is the reason why my husband has been cold to me in bed and why my mother constantly nags me. It is an addiction that bleeds $20 a day from the family budget. It is also the addiction that makes me self conscious. The reason why I was online is because someone told me that I look older than my older sister. And she’s a good 8 years my senior. I was humiliated and wanted instant beauty tips. Until I realized that it was my smoking, my addiction that caused all this.

Right then and there, I decided to quit. No, it was not about the COPD that might develop if I continue smoking. IT was that I felt hurt and humiliated when someone said that I looked older. That I was less pretty than my sister. You may find it trite, but that was exactly the reason why I quit. And it works for me because I made it personal. I created a smoking diary which turned into my stop smoking diary. Finally, I was able to realistically plot my stop smoking timeline.

Was it hard to stop smoking? Yes, I must admit it was. But having a stop smoking timeline that exactly plotted my start date became such a powerful incentive. Try it, it may work for you, too.