Proven to be True: La-Z Boy Lift Chairs Are Durable and Sturdy

Perhaps the devices and the abilities listed below seem like just some more high-tech wizardry on the market – more stuff on the crowded shelves at the stores; you have to understand that nothing could be farther from the truth. Assisted-living, nursing homes and old-age homes have been ways to put our elderly relatives out to pasture for about a century now. This no longer has to be done. With these elderly home care devices, coupled with recliners, bath and shower chairs and chair lifts, your parents can live with you; your children and their grandparents can get to know each other, and life will be much kinder to all concerned without wrecking anyone’s worklife.
Before other hi-tech gadgetry though, consider La-Z Boy Lift Chairs to help them especially when they have arthritis and joint pain. It is not easy to get up from a seating position when you’re hurting and a lift chair makes it easier all the way around! Phillips Lifeline is a unit of the electronics giant that services the elderly home care market. The Lifeline is a Panic Button pendant that can be worn by a person; when an emergency occurs, they can press the button on the pendant, and right away, Philips will send emergency doctors home and call the designated person. Even better, they have an AutoAlert system that can detect falls on its own and call the doctor is in. The service costs $50 a month.