Looking For A Cleaning Service

I was looking for a Pasadena maid service online and I came up with some good and great options. There are businesses that offer routine services on a regular basis and other deep cleaning type of services. It was great to find a maid service like this one that offers carpet cleaning and chandelier cleaning. Those are rarities in my book, but when a place has those as a part of their regular cleaning in a schedule that is great. These are not tasks to be done weekly or even monthly, but depending on the traffic on the carpet, at least biannually. I am that kind of person who forgets to change the vents too, so the maid service we went with we asked them to change them out for us. We ended up buying the recyclable ones that you can clean and reuse. It was no problem at all to add that to our monthly regular household cleaning list. It has been such a weight lifted off of our shoulders that we signed on with the cleaning service for an annual contract. It has been working out great so far and everyone involved is optimistic about the future.