How Does An MPLS Network Save My Company Money?

If your company has offices spread out over the country or even the world, and employees within your company need access to a common set of data such as a master customer database, or they frequently send large files back and forth between offices, you really need to look at the advantages of using an MPLS Network to much this process much faster, more productive, and save money at the same time.

You must understand that an MPLS network creates your own private network just within your company. Data traveling over an MPLS network does not touch the public Internet, which therefore makes that data that much more secure and private from the hordes of malware that exist on the public Internet.

An MPLS network is more robust than the old traditional technology such as a point to point line, but offers many more benefits. With a PTP line, each node on the node needed to have the same bandwidth as the node it was connecting to, but with an MPLS network, each node can have whatever bandwidth is right for that node. For example, you could have a T1 MPLS circuit at branch offices, a 10 MB Ethernet MPLS circuit at regional offices, and a 100 MB Ethernet MPLS circuit at your headquarters office so that all nodes can share data and files, in the same manner as a traditional PTP circuit in a hub and spoke network design.

How To Use An MPLS Network In Your Business

Making use of an MPLS network in your business can make tremendous financial sense, but it really depends on what you want to accomplish as well as the structure and layout of your business. You need to understand what a good MPLS design can do for your business because depending on how you are laid out, it really may not make sense to use it.

MPLS Networks were designed to take advantage of the best features of the old-style frame relay networks and point to point networks, where the advantages of both of those types of communications networks were combined into a single type of circuit. As such, the efficiency of an MPLS network design becomes readily apparent when you have more than two nodes or offices that are widely dispersed geographically that need to share data or have data constantly sent between them.

Instead of the old hub and spoke technology used by the older technologies, an MPLS network communicates with every other node on the network privately and securely. MPLS traffic does not travel over the public Internet, which adds to the security of that data. It also uses intelligent routing, so that if the physical connection between point “A” and point “B” is down, nodes A and B may still be able to communicate by re-routing MPLS traffic.

Consider the cost advantages of an efficient MPLS Network with a reliable carrier today, and let us help you find the right carrier at the best price possible that can meet your MPLS needs for any office you have anywhere on the planet!

How and Why MPLS Networks Are Extremely Cost Effective For Your Business

Are you acquainted with MPLS networks? If not, possibly you ought to be, because MPLS networks can provide a much higher levels of cost effectiveness for your inter-office communications than the old-school and pricey point-to-point networks, or even the very old frame relay networks.

MPLS stands for Multi Protocol Label Switching, and the modern technology has combined the greatest characteristics of point to point networks and frame relay network into a solitary modern technology, which provides several advantages and none of the integral disadvantages of those older technologies. MPLS networks are typically used in high performance networks for the objective of communication and for the exact same level of bandwidth, can easily offer the exact same throughput as an equivalent point to point network.

Design Your MPLS Network

Building the ideal network for linking several offices together can be a complicated activity. If you just have 2 nodes that you would like to interconnect, unless they are extremely geographically dispersed such as one in Los Angeles and the other in London, MPLS may not be as cost effective as a point to point network, but when you have 3 or more nodes that you want to connect into private network, then the power and cost efficiency of MPLS networks becomes apparent.

Numerous MPLS service providers (though not all) enable you to utilize an Enhanced Interface with your MPLS network such that you can make use of the MPLS internode communications abilities as well as link to the Net on the same circuit. This can raise issues about protection, because MPLS is a private network which does not touch the public Net and for that reason is safeguarded from the viruses and malware that exist on the public Internet, and allowing the same circuit to be linked to the public Internet might jeopardize that safety. The carriers that supply this capacity claim that this is not an issue at all and go to great lengths to protect your secure data, but this is something to know about and consider when you are configuring your MPLS network setup.

More Info About MPLS Circuits

One more thing to note is that MPLS technology is not a specified standard, such as standardized by the IEEE organization. What that fact implies to you is that you need to plan to utilize the exact same provider at each MPLS node in your network due to the fact that each carrier has implemented MPLS technology in a different way. While in theory you ought to be able to have AT&T MPLS talk to Sprint MPLS and speak with Verizon MPLS, the reality of trying to make that take place is typically an exercise in total futility.

And in case you may be wanting to know, yes it is especially easy to run MPLS over Ethernet, and in fact, many businesses do exactly that since Ethernet may be, in many cases, a lot more cost effective than standard circuits.

Finally, when you are selecting which provider to make use of for your MPLS network, you of course would like to make use of a carrier that can easily and will definitely support the network 24×7. Following that evident target, we might encourage you to see our website to obtain your MPLS quotes. We represent about 35 of the country’s top tier and first tier carriers, and based upon the volume of business that we do with them every month, they enable us to guarantee in writing that you cannot get better prices even if you go to the MPLS supplier directly or to another agency representing that carrier. Even though your contract is directly with the carrier that we have actually chosen together, we continue to support you though the life of the circuits. If you ever have an issue with the circuits that the carrier is not resolving, please let us know because we have a direct line into vice presidents at each of our carriers and we are more than willing to make heads roll on your behalf to get problems resolved as rapidly as feasible.

In summary, if you need to link numerous offices into a single network, specifically if they are geographically scattered, you owe it to yourself and your company to check out MPLS networks and figure out how much money could be conserved compared to just what you are doing today to complete your communications needs.

Where To Acquire MPLS Networks

You need to get your MPLS network from a reputable carrier who can actually provide what you have contracted for. However who can you trust? The best option is by using a telecom broker who is carrier agnostic that will advise and recommend a network provider and a configuration that will optimize your telecom funds. We offer this service to you at no added charge, and in fact we also guarantee, from among the 35 top tier carriers we represent, that the MPLS quote we provide you is the lowest that that service provider will offer the circuits for. Allow us to help you design your MPLS network now.