Online Hebrew Lessons With A Reality Show

I have a confession right at the start of this new blog post I have “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” but I am not going to give up in learning as my husband has just announced we are moving to Israel for his new job.

“Are you crazy” I said “there is a war going on out there in Israel” He just laughed at me and explained where we would be staying and the great opportunity he has with this new position.

I was still in a panic looking to for a way to run away until he showed me this New Immigrant family online they are teaching as they learn Hebrew. Now I am laughing as it look so amazing and the people are very friendly.

I signed up to the Hebrew Challenge updates and am now confident to more our life to Israel.

My husband is a Messianic Jewish believer and with this job change we can also get citizenship in Israel so we don’t have to live in Israel like Americans.
Hebrew Lessons yea I am lov’n it!!