Healthy shakes- lose weight in a month with healthy weight loss shakes

Healthy shakes are very good for you and can help you with a more healthy weight loss. When people think of healthy shakes they generally think of protein shakes. Healthy protein shakes are almost everywhere nowdays as are healthy shake recipes.

You can even get healthy breakfast shakes and use them to cut down on daily calories by not eating breakfast. Not all healthy shakes are made of or with protein tho. There are also healthy fruit shakes and those are the ones I love the best. You can add some protein powder to them if you want and that makes them even better. I love healthy smoothies made with fruit. For more information on healthy shakes or healthy smoothies click here.

To keep healthy shakes healthy I always make mine at home. Like I said, I love the healthy fruit smoothies as I know I’ve just made them from fresh fruit with no sugar added. If you need a bit of sweetener try adding a little bit of honey, not sugar or artificial sweeteners. Healthy fruit shakes are easy to make and some of the healthiest shakes you could ever make.

My favorite of all my healthy shakes or smoothies that I drink is strawberries, watermelon and banana with a scoop of vitamins and minerals added protein powder. You can buy protein powder at almost every drug store and health food store and at a ton of places online. You can buy protein powder to make healthy shakes with vitamins, minerals and other added ingredients or you can buy plain old whey protein powder and add what you’d like.

One other thing you can do with healthy shakes, that I like to do, is get some of the freezer pops plastic containers and fill them up with your shakes after you’ve made them. Let them sit in the freezer over night and you have a very healthy frozen snack on a stick. Cheap, easy and convenient. Kids love them too so you don’t have to worry about feeding them junk and they don’t know that they are healthy shakes that have been frozen like popsicles.

You can also make healthy shakes out of vegetables if you’d like to do that. I tend not to like the taste of the vegetable shakes as there aren’t all that many vegetables I like. Fruit is never a problem for me but the healthy vegetable shakes just don’t taste as great to me. That’s a personal choice though and you should go with what works for you when you make your healthy shakes.