Why Are Laser Weight Loss and Laser Liposuction Popular?

You have probably seen doctors on popular health shows do demonstrations on laser liposuction and laser weight loss after dieting. It is the new thing that incorporates wavelengths of light to melt stubborn body fat. It seems like a procedure from the future, except that it is here now and it works.

Laser has been used in surgery for many years. But with the advent of new technology, laser has become the new go-to technology when it comes to sculpting, contouring and getting rid of flabs and fat. The fact that many plastic surgeons are going and advertising their services using different proprietary brands of laser machines just shows you how important and lucrative this market it. But do lasers work? Is there such a thing as permanent results when using laser weight loss and liposuction? The answer is yes!

Although it requires multiple visits, sometimes spread over a month or two, doctors can now insert micro probes inside the areas you want work done. These micro probes have laser that melt the fat, making it easier to extract via traditional liposuction. Just imagine a block of solid butter vs. melted and softened butter. The doctor has more ease vacuuming out melted butter than solid butter. This means that there is less trauma on the areas where you want work done!

Your Guide to Laser Weight Loss and Body Sculpting

You look in the mirror and you like what you see. Then again you wish that this little thing here looks a bit slimmer, or perhaps you wish that the jawline is sharper. Or could it be that you arms were not as flabby? Body sculpting is more popular than ever. Now, doctors can perform laser weight loss and sculpting without requiring major surgery. How did this procedure become so common nowadays? The reason is because new technologies involving laser weight loss have become safer and more affordable!

The body responds to sculpting and weight loss through different techniques like cryolipolysis or the body’s exposure to cold. It can also respond to ultrasound where sound waves bombard certain areas of the body. Radio waves through radio frequencies can also help. But the most common technique now is using light waves or what many practitioners call low laser weight loss techniques. All these methods bombard the body’s fat cells and disturb them. The result is the fat cells actually shrink!

This targeted weight loss system will not work for the obese, as their needs with regards to weight loss and nutrition are different from those who are healthy and fit but require a little bit of sculpting and contouring in certain places.