Experience the Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck in February!

Malta is the only region in the European Union that has more holidays than any other member-state of the Union. If your interest is in immersing yourself in the culture and ways of life of Malta, then it’s best if you take holidays to Malta in January 2013 during one of these festivities.

The second month of the year is a good month to visit Malta. That’s because during this month,the natives commemorate the month of St. Paul the Apostle, of Jesus Christ’s apostles in Christian religion. And the most special holiday in this month is the Feast of St. Paul’s shipwreck, a commemoration of that time period when, in line with the Bible, St. Paul’s ship ran aground at St. Paul’s Bay in Malta.

The story is written in the book, Acts of the Apostles and describes how St. Paul and St. Luke – who published the account – became travellers in a Roman galley bound for Rome. The galley was carrying a full load of goods and cargo, and these two holy men essentially hitched a ride to the capital of the Empire. Unfortunately, a fierce storm met them en route while they were still in the Adriatic Sea. The storm flung them to different directions for 14 long days, and the ship was already in danger of breaking apart in the abuse. Only a bit more of that and the ship would have foundered and broke itself into different pieces as well as taking down the crews along with it.

On the 14th day of the storm, sailors noticed an island hidden in a fog bank. First, they measured the depth to be 120 feet and, finally, 90 feet at which point they decided to drop four anchors to prevent the ship from crashing into the rocks. At daybreak, the crew sighted a beach on the bay and decided to run the ship aground on that beach. St. Paul, St. Luke and the sailors swam to the beach and, by a stroke of luck or a magic, each of the passengers and crew survived and touched land at what is currently known as St. Paul’s Bay. Right now, the event is honored by a church christened St. Paul’s Shipwreck Church, which is located in Valletta, Malta’s capital.

Traditionally, Maltese citizens – whose vast majority are Roman Catholics, by the way – celebrate the feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck in the 10th of February every year. This feast is incredibly popular. The grandest celebration is celebrated in Rabat and Valletta, the northern parts of Malta. Here, a parade of saints starts the celebration. St. Paul’s Shipwreck is celebrated with a lot of noise, with marching bands and fireworks. Both tourists and citizens visit these places to take part in the special event.

If you have a propensity of studying world cultures, then visit Malta during the Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck. Click here for more details on cheap holidays deals and bring your household on a celebration they will never forget.