Green Lacewing Eggs hatch into Green Lacewing Larvae

Green Lacewing Eggs which hatch out into Green Lacewing Larvae are the organic enemy of aphids and moreover prey on other back garden bugs for instance spider mites (especially reddish mites), thrips, whiteflies, eggs associated with leafhoppers, moths, and leaf miners, small caterpillars, beetle larvae, along with the tobacco budworm tend to be noted prey.
Eco-friendly Lacewing Larvae are viewed as an essential predator of long-tailed mealybug inside garden greenhouses in addition to interior plant scapes.
Lacewing Ovum Hatch-out into Lacewing Larvae can be used on a number of different plants and crops such as pure cotton, sweet corn, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, oranges and strawberries.
The Green Lacewing Larvae offers organic aphid and insect manage while being very inexpensive! Perfect for gardeners that do not want to use hazardous substances to handle nuisance pests.