Mistakes in Kit Granny flats Project and How to Stay Away

The most common problem during a granny flat construction always has to do with the company being hired for the job. This is why it is very important to make sure that you have chosen the right granny flat builders before sealing a deal. This way, you can be sure of the quality of the kit homes being built, plus it can also help if you want to avoid costly mistakes for the project.

Here are few mistakes that owners sometimes experience with builders that can probably lead to very expensive results for just the basic granny flat designs:

1. Failing to obtain important information about the site

Sometimes, we get too excited of the offers and the prices given by most granny flat builders that we often rush into signing the contracts. Contractors may lure us by their affordable “fixed-price” project ads. What we fail to see is that we haven’t really made sure if the fix price deal includes what type of terrain you have on the back yard.

How would you feel if this happens to you? … After signing the agreement, it will be too late for you to realize that the builders affixed added cost for stabilizing your backyard soil. In the middle of the project, just when you have already paid at least 30% or the fixed-price cost, the kit homes contractor would suddenly ask for $15,000 excluding the agreed amount… It’s a real heartache, right?

What you need to do before starting your granny flats project is to make sure the contractors have already conducted site surveys before releasing a quotation. This way, they can obtain relevant information about the site and compute the cost needed to get the project done.

2. Signing contracts without studying the contents

Granny flat projects are very exciting, especially when you want to design your own home. Because of this fact, most granny flat builders take advantage by rushing their clients to sign the contract.

You need to remember that the project will involve investing your hard-earned money. It will take time to finish and most likely develop problems along the way. You need to thoroughly understand what is written on the contract before you even lay a pen on it. Take time to read and identify what is written and what is not written on the deal. Some companies may have other rules that is not written on the paper you are about to sign.

3. Unable to plan for the construction stages and construction agreement for the future

The worse problem of all is when you still haven’t decide for the granny flat designs that you want but you already signed for the contract. This will be like handing the kit granny flats builder a blank check with your signature affixed on it.

Always remember to plan everything you do, especially when it involves investing your time and money. Do not rush and dive into a project without being equipped for the battles ahead. Plan and design your own home in the way you want it before speaking to the granny flats perth WA. After doing so, ask them for the possible costs that will be involved and other consequences that your plans may bring forth the construction process.

Most importantly let them do accurate computations for the project before sealing the deal. Make sure that you will only be paying the amount that is agreed and that is written on the contract and nothing more!

Here’s the deal… the construction of a granny flat will require real money. I’m not just talking about easy cash. This is money that you have to work hard for to ear! You cannot let any bozo play with it. Hire only certified granny flat builders with very efficient skills and knowledge for your project!