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Best Pubs in Hereford

Reasons to go to Pubs in Hereford, UK.

Travelling to England can be one of the best experiences you may have. At some point, you may need to have information on the best hot spots to visit during the evening.

Good examples of places you can visit at night are pubs. For example, if you happen to be staying or passing by Hereford, you may need to have good travel knowledge on some top pubs in Hereford. One of the best pubs is The Booth Hall Hereford. It is located on Commercial Road in Hereford. Staff members working in the pub are very professional and the overall establishment is well kept and clean. The food is exceptional and their prices are very good value for money.

Top Pubs in Hereford

On 69 St. Owen Street, Hereford, there is a pub known as The Barrels. It is more of a local pub than a visitor’s pub. However, it is one of the best pubs in Hereford that you can visit. To start with, the patrons of the pub are friendly just like the staff. It is popular among the locals as it is mostly full during a normal evening. Getting space over the weekends might be quite hard due to the large number of patrons present. It has a good selection of Wye Valley beers as well as some international beers. Both the food & drinks are averagely price and the atmosphere is very welcoming.

The Bay Horse is one of the leading pub and restaurant establishments in Hereford. They have a wide range of wines, beers, real ales and lagers. Additionally, they have a good menu and food is prepared as you wait. Though this is the case, it normally takes about 10 to 15 minutes for your food to get ready. The most attractive things about the establishment are the pricing of its food and drinks as well as its ambience. These are just examples of some of the best pubs in Hereford that are worth trying out.