Constipation and IBS affect children just as adults

IBS is usually associated with adults exhibiting signs of irritable bowel like constipation, diarrhea, and even cramping. Despite many people’s beliefs, irritable bowels do affect children and it is becoming increasingly more common these days.

Irritable bowel disease can also be referred to as spastic colon. This is an irritation of the colon that may cause many painful symptoms like constipation, cramping, and diarrhea.

Sadly, doctors have yet to find why this is the case but there have been incremental discoveries that might prove to be important. One finding is that, at a young age, girls have more of a chance to have irritable bowel syndrome then boy. Again, doctors have yet to uncover the reasons behind this so stay alert for further information or explanation.

Doctors know the triggers for an IBS attack so this can be the first step to finding the answer. These triggers include specific foods, and sometimes caffeine and chocolate. Spicy foods are often the cause.

It might be hard to know when children get irritable bowel syndrome. Kids are not always able to express how they feel or what is happening to their body accurately. Because of this, it can be hard to know their symptoms and make the connection with IBS. They can be experiencing various symptoms but if they don’t notice then they can’t tell the parents.

If the child’s irritable bowel disease is untreated, it can cause him or her pain on a regular basis. Try to talk to your kids about their routine and be aware of any changes they might tell you of. If you know they have some intestinal problems then help them avoid bad foods. Introducing a fiber supplement to their diet would also be very helpful.

Exercise is another thing you can make sure they do on a regular basis. This helps ensure that all the muscles in their body are moving properly, including those responsible for bowl movements. Exercise is considered by many to be a direct relief for constipation. Making sure your kids exercise the recommended amount everyday will help with constipation and IBS.