Mosquito And Summer – They All Add Up To Make Dengue Fever

Yes, summer is a great season to be out in the field for camping and bbq. It is also the best time for the mosquito to feast on you. It seems that everyone is happy then. But not you – if you have dengue fever because of the mosquito bite.

Mosquito bite not only cause itch and redness on your skin, but it also carry deadly viruses. Most of us are strong enough to not be affected by these viruses. However, there is a chance that the virus might win the war and cause fever in you. The fever can be deadly for some. Dengue fever is common in Asia and if you are out in the open often, carry an electrical bug zapper racket with you. it can comes in pretty handy. This racket is cheap and easy to carry now. More importantly, they are great mosquito killer.