What to ask when buying a House out in the Country

Have you conisdered the benefits of living in the country compared to city life?

Buying a home out in the country – you feel like your family is just alone in the world with nature. There’s a lot of pure nature, you kids and your pets have all the room they want to run around and home prices are eminently affordable. Have you been thinking of buying a home in the country?

Well, if you’ve only ever lived in a city your whole life, you need to really be familiar with what to ask when buying a house here. The following could help you pick the best real estate options to evaluate.

You take the quality of the water from the tap for granted when you live in the city. It just never occurs to people that out in the country where everything’s so fresh and pure, the water could actually be less safe to drink than in the polluted city.

Well, in a rural area, the pesticides and other chemicals used by farms in the area can leach into the groundwater. There can be all kinds of dangerous chemicals and minerals in your well. You need to ask about this, even get a water test done before you even make an offer.

Again, you’d never think to ask about the power and sanitation in the city. You just take these for granted. The only time you ever get a blackout in the city is when the grid goes down. In the country on the other hand when a power line shorts out somewhere, they can take days and weeks to bring service back up.

Without electricity, you don’t have running water or anything. You may have to depend on an expensive backup generator. And since there are no sanitation lines in any rural area, you’ll have to take a look at the septic tank. It has to be big enough to handle old people you expect to be living in the house. Who would’ve thought in your list of what to ask when buying a house would include the term septic tank?

And how about trash? There is no trash pickup service out in the sticks. You have to either burn your trash with an incinerator or drive your trash out to wherever the dump is.

About that fresh air, is the house you’re buying in the New England area? The air there is terrible. There’s a radon in the air and it causes cancer. Make sure that you factor in the cost of a purification system.

And finally, do you realize that you take a good road for granted in the cities? If the snow plows didn’t run through the night in the cities, you wouldn’t even know where the roads were. Out in the country, that situation that could get far worse. Make sure that you know what you’re getting into. You need to know what to ask when buying a house out in the sticks.