DotNetNuke Site Administration Tactics Specialized at EGI Consulting

When you are thinking about high quality performance and efficient technicalities to effortlessly address the entire spectrum of requisites of your clients, look no further than EGI Consulting. Established in the heart of the country back in 1994, EGI Consulting has remained one of the key eBusiness services and solution provider in the country. At EGI Consulting, we believe in constant innovation and our ideation sessions are effectively implemented through a series of latest technologies. Our array of services and solutions are targeted to meet particular requirements of our clients. With a selection of solutions spanning across diverse industry verticals, our team of talented and individualistic experts is adept at conceptualization, customization, creativity, and deployment of exclusive DotNetNuke platforms.

DotNetNuke (DNN) is one of the most prominent and significant Content Management System (CMS) apparatus. This open source platform of DotNetNuke is a key ingredient that plays a vital role behind the success and expansion of any unique website and numerous website applications. Implementation of this important framework principally determines your augmentation and achievement in the world of Internet. We specialize in offering customized DNN solutions that cover entire gamut exclusive services such as:

      • DotNetNuke Developer, for custom DNN modifications

      • DotNetNuke Installation/Upgrade

      • DotNetNuke Site Administration

      • DotNetNuke Module Development

      • DotNetNuke Skin Design

      • DotNetNuke Performance Optimization

      • DotNetNuke Product Design and DotNetNukeAnalysis

      • DotNetNuke Prototyping

      • DotNetNuke Full Product Testing Cycle

      • DotNetNuke Customization Services

      • DotNetNuke Localization Services

      • DotNetNuke Integration Services

      • DotNetNuke Support/Product Support

      • DotNetNuke Documentation

      • DotNetNuke SEO

      • DotNetNuke SEM

      • DotNetNuke Security

      • 3rd Party DotNetNuke Installation, Configuration, and Upgrades

If you are specifically looking for assistance in DotNetNuke Site Administration and want to outsource it to an efficient organization in the country, EGI Consulting is undoubtedly the best choice and they are One of the best Company in Dallas web Design Company. We have years of accumulated skills and knowledge of working with some of the top-rung business entities ranging from smaller non-profit organizations, entrepreneurial ventures, to large conglomerates. We have a specialist team on board who are deft at bringing in unique ideas on table so that your DNN module remains superbly tuned with your business necessities. We have taken care of DNN site administration that covers managing users, pages, security, and content. If you are unfamiliar with the DNN operations, we have the best panel of developers to help you utilize this platform by building a CMS-based website.

Why it really needs to know about the DotNetNuke Support Training?

DotNetNuke Support Training Program

There are learning courses as well as classroom tutorials, the introductory course for the beginners is the seven lessons. Similarly there are DotNetNuke Training Essentials and Content Administration required for working on module development, portal administration, editing the content etc.

Additionally, there are virtual learning classrooms too. Each session lasts for two hours. Even the old training sessions are available on demand in recorded webinar form. There are some consulting agencies that offer video DNN training for free. However this particular course is available for version 5.0 of DotNetNuke only. Each agency offers you some tailor made courses so that you can fit in somewhere even with your utmost hectic schedule.

You can also subscribe with the courses offered by DNN itself. The course there is divided in three parts: Basic Webinars, Advanced Webinars and Customized Online or Onsite. While you can watch the videos explaining Installation, site administration and other topics for free in the basic course, you have the download or subscribe to the training sessions of advanced course. The online courses for DotNetNuke training are four to five days long depending upon the topics you have chosen. For queries regarding training and the sessions, you can mail the training section of DNN.