Constipation and lower back pain accompany one another

Constipation and lower back pain episodes often accompany one another. Constipation contributes to a condition doctors and chiropractors classify as non precise or simple back pain. That is, constipation often results in lower back pain when no other cause of back pain is obvious.

However, non precise back pain does not mean the mild back pain. The stress on the back caused by constipation can range from moderate to excruciating.

How can you tell if lower back pain is caused by constipation. If the pain is localized in one area of the lower back, spreading to the buttocks or thighs during the worst attacks, then constipation is probably the culprit. Often when constipation is the cause of lower back pain, a cough or a sneeze makes pain much worse. Also when constipation is the cause of back pain, pain is relieved by lying down.

Constipation causes lower back pain in an astonishing 95% of cases. The twisting movements people endure to help their bowels move can be as damaging to the lower back as chronically bad posture or heavy lifting.

What is the best treatment when lower back pain accompanies constipation?

Laxatives are not a good idea. This is especially true of some of the stronger herbal laxatives, such as senna and rhubarb root; cascara sagrada is even less desirable. The way laxatives make the bowels move is by paralyzing some muscles and stimulating others. The imbalance needed to force stool outward can trigger back spasms.