Why Are Laser Weight Loss and Laser Liposuction Popular?

You have probably seen doctors on popular health shows do demonstrations on laser liposuction and laser weight loss after dieting. It is the new thing that incorporates wavelengths of light to melt stubborn body fat. It seems like a procedure from the future, except that it is here now and it works.

Laser has been used in surgery for many years. But with the advent of new technology, laser has become the new go-to technology when it comes to sculpting, contouring and getting rid of flabs and fat. The fact that many plastic surgeons are going and advertising their services using different proprietary brands of laser machines just shows you how important and lucrative this market it. But do lasers work? Is there such a thing as permanent results when using laser weight loss and liposuction? The answer is yes!

Although it requires multiple visits, sometimes spread over a month or two, doctors can now insert micro probes inside the areas you want work done. These micro probes have laser that melt the fat, making it easier to extract via traditional liposuction. Just imagine a block of solid butter vs. melted and softened butter. The doctor has more ease vacuuming out melted butter than solid butter. This means that there is less trauma on the areas where you want work done!