Blackberry is NOT Dead!

How Blackberry Survive

What do you think about blackberry? A sophisticated gadget with lots of features and functions. Blackberry has been used by millions of users worldwide, and has become major company in cellular industries. For the past few years blackberry has released lots of their products and the sales are decreasing, why?

Major competitors such as Apple, and Android platform are killing Blackberry for sure. Provided with millions application and games that are eye catching simply make those new platform rise over Blackberry. However, blackberry feel that something has to be done, with the newest blackberry platform which is Blackberry 10 seems enough to make this brand rise once again. Although we still have to wait until the first quarter of 2013 after the delayed release in 2012, it is worth to wait.

The Advantages of using Blackberry

A lot of people feels that today Blackberry platform lacks of speed and respond. Compare to iPhone and Android phone that offers simplicity and speed. But one thing that no other device can beat Blackberry is probably the stability of Blackberry Connection that requires a data plan within the provider. Real time push mail services makes Blackberry the best phone for business people who needs to receive their email instantly without having to refresh it. The other thing that makes Blackberry stands out is the BBM (blackberry messenger) that happens to be most powerful IM that provided with unique PIN from the device that doesn’t require you to log in as long as your data plan is on.

So.. definitely Blackberry is not dead! A lot of people still depending on blackberry, surely there are more to come with Blackberry 10. If you are really interested in Blackberry news,Blackberry apps, and reviews please visit this site newest blackberry. you will find anything you need for about Blackberry.