Bed Bug Extermination

Before you set off down the bed bug extermination warpath, you do want to make sure first that you have the right man (or insect, in this case). Those itchy red bumps you’re getting at night really could equally well be the handiwork of other pests – ones like fleas, for instance. Unless you already know your bedbugs well enough to be able to identify them by their bite, you really do need to brush up.

Bedbugs often slough off their skin. If you see light brown bedbug-shaped skin casings about the size of apple seeds from time to time, that’s a sure sign. If you also see little bloodstains in the oddest places, these could be from crushed bedbugs, too. You’ll usually find these easily if you use white bed sheets or pillowcases. You could alternatively pick up a flashlight and a magnifying glass, and look for them at night. You could look everywhere around your box springs or your headboard, and in any cracks and crevices in the floor, around the bed.