Tree and Gardening Ideas

So you have a problem with your tree and garden pests, and you’ve tried everything you can think of; but have you tried turning your garden upside down? No this is not a joke. They’re actually selling upside down planters now to help you grow your garden and small trees in pots turned over; and most recent converts are so crazy over this that they refuse to ever grow a normal garden ever again. As gardening ideas go, this one is terribly popular now, as my gardening enthusiast and arborist friend (a tattoo artist in Montreal) enthusiastically tells me. His problem was that he would try to grow tomatoes in the kitchen garden patch he had in the normal way. But cutworms were eating his patch inside out and he tried every normal kind of plant and tree pesticide without success. Rather than go industrial-strength with the poison, he began to look around for other gardening ideas. Being good with his hands and all (you have to be, to be a tattoo artist), he decided to get his tomatoes off the ground, it away from the worms.

crepe myrtle tree

He got a few 4 gallon plastic buckets; he packed them with dirt and compost to make the planters, cut a hole at the bottom of each to insert a tomato seedling in through, put in a little bit of wet newspaper as packing around to anchor it, and then hung them upside down on steel hooks and chains strung around his backyard. It was about the best crop he had had in a long time. The preserves and sauces he made, (I got a bottle of it) were pretty good. I’d always encourage him to try newfangled gardening ideas like this if it could net me a great bottle of its yield.