Holistic Dentistry

Using plant medicines to assist in dental care and heal the body has been practiced for thousands of years, in every culture in the history of mankind. The discovery of penicillin marked a turning point in modern medical practice. Instead of having to down cups of a less than appetizing tea, containing several herbs, to cure a respiratory infection, this ‘magic bullet’ pill of Penicillin would do the trick. This seemed a much better, easier and more convenient way to deal with that illness. Thus, modern medicine gained in popularity and acceptance from the general public. The herbal medicines and holistic healers rapidly fell by the wayside. The pharmaceutical, chemical creations quickly shifted the so-called holistic healer into the medical past.

However, as with many ‘easy’ solutions, there comes a down side. Today, as pharmaceutical medications become more sophisticated, the unwanted side effects of the medication often become greater, sometimes causing another, seemingly unrelated ailment with which the dentist or health care practitioner, and patient must deal. The almost guaranteed yeast infection a woman develops after a round of antibiotics is a case in point.

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the holistic healer’s methodology enjoyed a resurgence in popularity among people looking for natural health and alternative dental remedies which cured the ailment, but without the unwanted side effects.