Survivalists are raving about this knife…

Its three bucks well spent in my opinion. It’s always gonna be in my wallet whether or not I use it, that three bucks would buy me a freaking .. three sandwiches in McDonald’s, one sandwich in McDonalds, less than a whole meal at McDonald’s and people are crying about three bucks on it so, its .. in my opinion I think it some it’s gonna be useful.

Now, its flimsy, but you know it’s three bucks, there’s so much .. I mean down talking of this thing going on, it’s how you hijack airplanes. I mean, it must be a pretty big guy, I don’t think you can get very far with this. If you got an active bunch of passengers that’s gonna jump on you,.. you know .. it’s really sharp .. but, I mean you’re trying to stab someone with this thing, the handle might break and you might just end up catching the blade in your fingers.

You got nothing to keep your finger from sliding over this, I mean, self-defense wise you gotta be pretty desperate. Probably better to just use hand to hand if you’re good at it, but i mean it’s something. This survival credit card knife definitely deserves a place in your wallet, no matter how you look at it, this little knife is just too good not to have it, period.

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