Getting and Staying Fit

An experiment done in the Middle East that actually went some way to proving that a connection between exercise and drug addiction did exist. The experiment of course was done with rats on treadmills. What it ended up proving was that if you put rats on a terribly demanding treadmill routine every day and also got them addicted to drugs, that they would even if they were addicted, cease to show much interest in drugs. Even if the drugs were available on demand (they placed levers in their cages that the rats could tap for a morphine shot. The levers went unused)

The thing is, this isn’t really supposed to be a surprise. Scientists have been working on the general theme for a couple decades now. Right here in the US, a scientist at Tufts University has already shown that if you put a rat on a running wheel in his cage, the more exercise he got, the less drugs like meth, morphine or nicotine have any effect on him. They don’t go near alcohol even if it’s right there in their cages. What this goes to say of course is that it could be a great way to get Lindsay Lohan to successfully come out of rehab to put her on a treadmill for punishing exercise and fitness routines (she seems thin enough as it is though). Plus you need to keep your fitness equipment repair in order especially during inclement weather.

There is a great alternative and it is right outside your door. Outdoor fitness can be the key to getting that great body you have always craved.

Most cities these days have great parks or nature reserves where you can go for outdoor fitness routines. If you are in relatively good shape and have no problems with your legs or knees you can start by jogging around the park or around your neighborhood. Don’t try and do too much the first day because then the next morning you could find yourself stiff, in pain, or just unable to move.

The trick is to start slowly and not let negative factors enter your outdoor fitness routing. It has to be fun to work out and should leave you feeling better and more energized. You may find yourself with some muscle pain the next day but that is good pain and if you don’t go nuts and over exert yourself it should not be too bad. Take a couple of aspirin, Tylenol or other non-prescription pain killer if you feel you need to. Of course, as in any exercise plan, you should consult with your physician before starting any outdoor fitness routine or taking any medicines or pain killers.

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