What do you Sleep Under?

We all sleep under the roof over our heads of course, but once that’s confirmed the question has to be hat do you sleep under when you’re in bed (forgetting the wise cracks!). Not a lot of people know this, but what covers us at night can have a profound impact on whether or not we had a good night’s kip.

Beauty sleep is not just a cliche, it’s an actual happening. Even good looking people looked haggard and ugly when they are overly tired. Getting more quality kip than not is not only good for skin, sparkling eyes, and energy levels, but it helps us to dream better too, and better dreams mean better thoughts during those hours of day where we go about our business.

If you skimp on bedding to allow money for other things then you are short changing yourself big time. Personal care is way more important than caring for a material possession, though you wouldn’t believe it sometimes looking at the way some people love their stuff while neglecting themselves.

Are you ready for some beauty sleep?

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