Seo Analytic’s

What is SEO Analytic’s?

Many SEO analysis programs can vary greatly, depending on the information the program generates. There is no perfect method of performing SEO analytic’s.

The Internet is always changing and so are the SEO tools. Once you learn how to analysis the information that Google Analytic’s produces you can focus your campaign. See the Google tool box for more SEO analytic information.

A SEO Analytical report can provide a lot of information. It is important to identify what information you want to as part as your SEO analysis. Understanding your needs is an important part of the SEO analysis process. Finding information you need and ignoring the information you don’t care about.

Information for Comparing Your Site to the Competition

      • Site ranking: Site ranking data provides the analyst with an idea of how popular a particular website is. This is particularly useful when you are comparing your website with others.

      • Site information: This shows when a site first came online which is important to for SEO competition.

      • Title and H tags: Do the title and tags have keywords with the right number of characters.

      • Keyword Density: I prefer over 1% but less than 2.5%.

      • Targeted Keyword information: This important information provides you with a list of what keywords that are actually being used by the searcher.

      • Which keywords attract visitors: Knowing what keywords your site uses to attract visitors and finding what keywords the competitor uses can be extremely useful to your marketing campaign.

      • Visitor demographics: Demographic information supplies info about the frequency of visitors to your site, (are they repeat) where they are searching from. (city and country)

      • Where the traffic is coming from: Referrals, (backlinks), organic (search engines), direct. This will show you the what % is coming and from where.

      • Traffic through backlinks and search engines: This SEO step identifies what sites are referring traffic toward your site.


This article is written by John Arend, who is the author of Google Success Steps. Visit John for a lot of good website development and marketing information.


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