Saving Money With Business Ethernet

Has your company or business outgrown its T1 line? If so, do you know what to do about finding your marginal and most cost effective bandwidth upgrade path?

Most businesses would just assume that the next step would be to get a bonded T1 line. This is where the service provider will bond multiple T1 lines into a single circuit. For examle, in a two bonded T1 scenario, instead of having two individual T1 lines, the carrier would bond them together so that you get a single connection with twice the bandwidth of a single T1 line.

But if it is available in your area, a better way to go and much more cost effective would be Business Ethernet. Now do not be misled by the DSL or cable companies that they can also provide this, because they cannot. DSL and cable companies provide SHARED circuits and have little idea of how to properly serve a business customer who needs, wants and expects a DEDICATED circuit with a Service Level Agreement and a contractual commitment as to how much bandwidth will be available 24×7.

Business Ethernet provides this type of dedicated circuit to you, and if it is available in your area, you will be quite pleasantly surprised to find the price notably lower than the equivalent bandwidth on bonded T1 lines. Check it out today with a free quote and start saving!

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