Relaxation Music for Meditation

Meditation requires relaxing thoughts and feelings. That is why silence or ambience is ideal, however many people do wnat to listen to music while meditating.

1338345954_bookcaseOcean waves, seagulls, island birds, a gentle summer breeze, Foehr , this is his breath, are examples of ambient sound.

To express the moods of nature at the purest requires much emphasis on instruments and sound creations that contain manysynthesized or simple instruments such as tenor flute, F-flute or piano to be expressed in a subtle way.

An attachment to nature and meditation for many years can inspire musical awareness.

Ambient meditation music should not be played from sheet music. It must be natural and realistic.

Calm and flowing music is enjoyed with free improvisation, where artists can surprise even where performed in a consistent sound flow. A good example of this can be heard in the tenor flute which must be in a key which is not abrasive. The call of the curlew in a meditative song is completely consistent with that same tone – a beautiful harmony of music and nature.

Another example of music that is great for relaxation is soundtrack music which can have slow and downtempo music with many textures and atmospheres.

Some moods are musically enjoyed with an evening sky over the sea, a summer day in the salt marshes, or on the beach of a lake with that afternoon silence in the old village on the dike, a dreamy cottage garden, fond childhood memories, which are still very much alive!

Meditate with the sailing summer cloud over the wide summer marshes and again the vastness of the sea horizon inspiring loss of thought and true meditative bliss.

Meditation music making is an immersion into the beauty and perfection of nature. You feel like an insider in a world where peace is home. Relaxation music for meditation, yoga, self-hypnosis, reiki, tai chi and lovemaking is pure bliss.

Who can forget time and the hour, and as the whole nice, quiet country one sees in front of him, the blue sky, with a sailing summer cloud, the field of shimmering buckwheat with bees and larks singing over it and the quiet border child the pious face, as it comes to our lips. We are an island of peace!

Meditate with me and enjoy the spiritual journey that relaxing music can provide.

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So – go relax and listen to some cool music!

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