Primerica Scam Revealed – a scam or not


PRIMERICA SCAM ALERT – DO NOT JOIN UNTIL YOU READ THIS! Hi my name is Steve and if you are here you are most likely trying to find out if Primerica is a scam or not. Well I’m going to give you the full story and then reveal you to a safe alternative that is affordable and is making me money right now.

Primerica Scam Revealed

Primerica is a company that sells life insurance, Roth IRA’s and other things that have to do with retirement. The reason why a lot of people have not heard of them before is because they do not spend millions of dollars on advertising. They instead use you to put the word out and get customers for there services and then you earn a commission.

You are also expected to recruit other independent sales reps. It works the same way that a network marketing or multi-level-marketing opportunity works. One of the first things they’re going to do is tell you to sit down and list everyone you can then start “calling” (bugging) them to ask about health insurance (well, these are your friends true, but they don’t want you to sell them stuff like health insurance)

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