Money Savings Tips for a Cost Effective Costa del Sol Trip

If you head off to the Southern Coast of Spain, you will find the beautiful area called Costa del Sol. It is located along the Malaga province’s Mediterranean Coast. The name Costa del Sol means “the coast of the Sun” and from that alone you could tell that it is home to spectacular beaches and sunlight. With so many things to offer the holidaymaker, it is not a wonder that Costa del Sol receives so many guests and most of them coming from around the world. The Costa del Sol is a playground for the super-rich and famous, so trips to Costa del Sol are generally expensive. But with the right planning, cheap holidays to Costa del Sol is possible.

How To Travel Frugally in Costa del Sol

For starters, you can select to travel during off-peak seasons because costs are lower at those times compared to peak seasons, like during summer. Plan your travel period timely. If you travel during the off peak seasons, hotels and air fare are generally cheaper. To minimize costs further, avoid luxury resorts. Limit your baggage so that you could stay at backpacker’s hotels, or also known as hostels. You would need to go around, so you should pay close attention to your transportation expenses as well. If travelling by land, book an economy class bus or train ticket. In addition, eating at restaurants the whole time will eat away at your budget, but you could think about packing your own food or find a hotel that lets you prepare your own meals. This way, you will be able save 10 to 20 euros per day. Lastly, finding a good money exchange provider can save you tend of pounds, too.

Another trick to enjoy a Spanish holiday without breaking your bank is to forego a resort hotel in lieu of a self-catering apartment. You also do not have to go to restaurants just to eat Spanish food as well since there are also inexpensive food stalls for tourists. These alternatives are a good way through which one can minimize the amount of money they spend during their holidays. Who say’s you have to be a millionaire to explore the old town’s quiet streets. Walk along the Paseo Maritimo, stop at a cafe and just marvel at the world passing you by. You might even meet influential people if you are fortunate enough. And if a little flamenco fancies you, the ticket price at the Flamenco Ana Maria includes a free drink.

Because of the competitive nature brought about by the Internet,it is possible now to find relative cheap ways of spending holidays in Europe. With the right information, we can land on really cheap holidays to Costa del Sol. Nothing should stop you from enjoying your holidays in Spain’s beautiful Costa del Sol.

If an inexpensive trip to Costa del Sol still breaks the back on your piggybank, then consider going on budget holidays to Madeira instead. If your fancy lies on studying subtropical plant and animal life, then Madeira is the place for you to go. The Madeira also boasts of its colonial charm. The wonders of Madeira have been known to travellers ever since the time of the Roman Empire. There are many things that make Madeira deserving of the title of being a top tourist attraction in Portugal, including colourful fiesta celebrations, beautiful beaches and various museums.

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