Million dollars Daily Trivia Questions

When the show ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire” first aired, everyone went crazy trying to get a shot at being on the show. I never even attempted simply because I don’t have the brains. My father, on the other hand, is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met. He spent a few evenings trying to pass the phone test that was required. He made it by answering the daily trivia question and missed it at the last question. To think he may have had a chance at a million dollars.

Then came the show ‘Deal or No Deal’ that was created for people of all intelligence levels. Even people with my lack of trivia skills could have a shot at a million dollars. That pretty much came down to luck. I never even attempted to be on any of those shows but would give almost anything to have a million dollars stashed in my bank account.

A million dollars would bring me completely out of debt and allow me to actually be free of any and all payments. Granted, a million dollars would not retire me and I certainly would continue to work. Would I keep working full-time in my current job? No. I’d pursue something much more enjoyable and flexible. But I know that a million dollars most likely would not last forever, even if I invested it wisely. I wouldn’t want to just stash the entire amount, I’d want to be able to enjoy life a little bit more. A million dollars would allow me the financial freedom to take a few vacations each year and see the world. Oh, what I could do with a million dollars!

My financial advisor has told me over and over again that with the proper investing and amount of investing, I could easily have a million dollars stashed away for retirement. Sure, that’s absolutely possible. I’m hoping very much to have that happen. It is incredibly difficult right now to see that as being feasible when I’m living paycheck to paycheck and can barely afford to contribute anything to my retirement fund right now. I also realize that a million dollars won’t just appear, so I need to help it along. No one is going to show up at my door handing me a duffel bag with a million dollars hidden inside of it. Trust me, every time the doorbell has rung, it is usually someone wanting you to give them money. I’ve stopped answering the door.

Somehow, when I finally figure out a way to free up a few extra dollars each month, I will be giving it to my financial advisor to invest for me. I intend to have that million dollars tucked safely away for my later years. Of course, I may find it faster to audition for one of those TV shows….

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