Longevity Increased by Eating Healthy Foods

The website www.lookatfood.com writes that longevity can be increased by eating healthy foods, and points out that despite this fact, more people are now dying globally from consuming too much food than too little. As a consequence of that latter statement, it also means that as the world is getting fatter and fatter, people aren’t enjoying a healthy standard of living or the same fitness levels as those folks who are not overweight.

Weight loss, although yearned by millions, takes a second place to consuming food. For most folks, the thought of not eating the foods they love to eat is unfathomable. What this means is that people often choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle over a healthy one because the misery associated with the latter is just too much to bear. We might buy juicers, blenders, and healthy cook books, but after a few weeks they are soon forgotten so that we can get back to what we do best.

So my friends, it looks as though most of us will continue to dig our own graves with our own knifes and forks metaphorically speaking of course.

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