New Health Insurance Limits Out of Pocket Expenses for Diabetics

Around 30,000,000 US citizens face a struggle against diabetes while having no health insurance. Diabetes is a health condition when blood sugar levels are too high, and pre-diabetic symptoms such as being more than 15% overweight, affect nearly 90 million Americans. Because of the high cost of treatment, insulin, and testing supplies for people with diabetes, most health insurance companies simply won’t offer insurance to diabetics. If you’re not able to obtain health insurance through your employer’s group plan, or qualify for Medicaid, the full
$300 to $400 month cost of diabetes treatment will be coming out of your pocket.

Because the need to provide affordable health insurance for diabetics is so large, a few forward thinking insurance companies have come up with new medical plans for diabetics that are not only reasonably affordable, but also limit your out of pocket expenses for insulin, such as Humalog and Humulin. Also, most diabetic testing supplies like lancets, test strips, and syringes are covered. These health insurance plans for diabetics also include benefits for doctors office visits, hospitalization, and other prescriptions. Best of all, plans start at around $129 per month.

Regardless of whether you are a Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic, having control over your healthcare expenses for doctor visits, prescriptions, insulin and testing supplies can now be achieved with these diabetics health insurance plans. Insulin forms typically have a maximum out of pocket expense of $20 to $50.

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