Gluten Free Cake

For people who are sensitive to gluten in their diet it is miserable to get a bout of gluten-induced cramps. They gladly avoid any foods containing gluten. There comes a time, however, like birthdays and holidays, where the sacrifice is very hard to bear, especially for children. Chefs all over the nation have worked to make a gluten free cake that tastes just as good as the traditional cakes. In fact, they have developed recipes for several gluten free cakes.

Replacing all-purpose flour, which contains much gluten, is the first thing you can do to replace an ingredient that is the cause of much discomfort. Flours made from chickpeas, beans, rice or sorghum are all wonderful alternatives when you want a gluten free cake. Other ingredients that can be used without worry are starches, like potato starch and tapioca starch. Be careful not to mistake potato flour for potato starch. They are not the same and will not bring the desired results.

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