Divorce Filings Public Record

When a marriage ends up in divorce, nothing about it is pleasant or comforting. Both parties are often left with painful memories that they would rather not remember. Some people even try their best to block off this segment of their life. There are instances, however, when you would be forced to look back and open the book of your painful past by obtaining a copy of your Records of Divorce. This may be because you need to update your personal files or your family tree; or it may be because you have met someone special and are planning to start a new life with him or her. Regardless of what your reason is, in the United States, there are several things you can do if you need to obtain a copy – or copies – of your Divorce Filings Public Record.

First off, you need to be sure that you follow residency requirements before requesting for your divorce dossier. You must be a certified resident of the county or state for a specific period of time; or you should have lived there for a particular length of period prior to filing your request to view your public record.

Then you will have to get in touch with a representative of the Vital Statistics Office of the state where your divorce was granted. Some people prefer to visit the office, although most only send their request for Divorce Records by mail. If you are to do so, be sure that you follow proper request procedures. File for one request only; multiple requests are not allowed. Also, you need to be ready with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Be sure that you know the complete details of the record that you need. This includes not only your name and the ex-husband’s/ex-wife’s name, but also alternate spellings for your names, and the date of the divorce.

There are additional details that you will need to provide, too. For example, if you do not own the divorce record, you will have to state your relationship to the parties on record. Additionally, you should write down the type of final decree, your purpose for making the request, and depending on which state you are in, your driver’s license. After all these, you will then have to pay a fee that varies per state or county; and wait for several days (or weeks, in some cases) for your request to be processed. State level offices like the Vital Statistics Office are always swamped with requests, be it for Records of Divorce or other public dossiers.

Over the years, as the Internet continued to gain popularity, a better option for obtaining copies of public records surfaced. Independent online record providers offer everything that government or state level offices can give you. In fact, some of them may even have more comprehensive databases, so much so that their success rate is better than those of state agencies. The biggest advantage that you get when choosing their services, however, is convenience and efficiency. You won’t need to mail requests or move from one state office to another. Everything can be done online. Results come out faster, too, as they are processed immediately after your request is received.

Some people may be wary of hiring online record providers because of Internet frauds. This should not be a problem, though, as there are a lot of providers that offer 100% online safety at all times. These providers often charge a fee, but this is something very minimal and is a one-time payment only. It’s a good investment because you will get unlimited access to Divorce Records in exchange for it. This means you’ll have better chances of finding and getting the information that you need. That, I believe, is the best deal for your hard earned money.

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