Coumadin Medical Alert Bracelets from My-Identity-Doctor

Warfarin is the normally used anticoagulant. It is also known as coumadin. If coumadin is prescribed by your doctor, then carefully follow all the instructions, and get complete information about its effects and side effects and details of what type of care is to be taken. MyIdentityDoctor coumadin medical bracelets is something which you need to have if you are on warfarin or Coumadin.

Some heart patients uses warfarin regularly. The main function of anticoagulants is to keep blood thin and flowing freely in veins & arteries, reducing risk of stroke. Doctor advise atrial fibrillation heart patients to take anticoagulants medication.

Medical bracelets from My Identity Doctor is something that everyone would need to know about you. You do know that anticoagulants possess some side effects. Avoid coumadin with aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs except if prescribe by doctor. Taking coumadin with this types of drugs may result in to bleeding in stomach and intestines and cause other complications.

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