Cleaning Pet Stains from Homes

We do love out domesticated animals but sometime they smell. Other times they make a mess too. Dogs can smell, well, doggy, and a bit poopy at times also, but there is no stink like that of a cat that has peed into our carpets or soft furniture. It’s a gagger alright, and surprisingly so, a lot of cat owners homes stink to high heaven because they just are not aware that there is a special cleaning solution for cleaning cat piddle. You see, there are certain chemicals in feline pee that just make it impossible to get out using war, soapy water. On the contrary, warm soapy water will activate these chemicals and make the smell ever more intense, and left untreated, it can take weeks, months sometimes, for the smell to eventually subside.

Cleaning up after smelly pets is impossible if you don’t know how to go about it, but as easy as pie if you do. has an opening post on how to make these difficult tasks easy.

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