Change For The Better

There is a time and a place for change. It is the common census out there that change is uncomfortable and when it is spoken of, people may cringe their faces and/or choose to run away from it. Change is like ruffling feathers and stirring the pot of chili that everyone got used to. Tradition is a common and popular thing in our society. With that said, we are about to undergo a big change in our family dynamic. We are about to move my folks into a St Louis elder care facility. They are getting up there in age and travel for them is something of a big ordeal. Both of them do not feel that they are safe drivers, so they both have opted to retire their licenses. At the St Louis skilled nursing assisted living facility that we have chosen out for my parents to live at, we are happy with the amenities that the place has to offer. There is a nursing staff onsite and even a beauty parlor where the residents can go and get their hair done. This change is well, just that: a big change, but I can confidently say that it is a change for the better. It is tough on us on some levels, but on the level of health care that is provided to my folks at this new residence we are happy and relieved for their health and their safety that they are there.

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