Almost Success of a Jewellery Designer

There is one easy trick to getting your own designer jewellery into the public eye. It’s not so much the designs or the materials. The competition is good and fast, and as a jewellery designer you are one in a million, and not necessarily in a good way. So what does it take to become a standout jewellery designer?

You need exposure through someone with a social clout. If you can get a celebrity to buy your jewellery, then you’re already a big step ahead of the crowd. Or so we thought.

There is a jewellery designer that I am aware of and her father who runs a fairly profitable amber business. A match made in heaven. As a supplier to collectors, her father has had a successful business relationship with a celebrity amber fanatic. One can joke that most celebrities have an addiction and as this celebrity was addicted to amber.

A few weeks ago he offered her the chance of turning a particularly nice set of blue amber chips into a necklace. Blue amber is an extremely rare and expensive coloration of Dominican amber, and our celebrity-amber-addict jumped at the chance.

Naturally the amber dealer turned to his daughter for the design who was extremely excited by the opportunity. It took her a few hours, but the final result was truly a beautiful piece of artwork.

Just recently the celebrity went on Letterman to talk about her new album, and tons of publicity shots of her overran the internet.

And yet the necklace was nowhere to be seen. She later wrote that she never wore much jewellery in interviews, but assured my my friend’s father that the piece was her favourite in her collection.

So what does it take to become a standout jewellery designer? Getting a celebrity to buy your jewellery is easy.

Getting them to actually wear it is the tricky part.

Hawaiian Styles For Your Home Decor

The interior design of your home, and well anyone’s home has a certain style to it. It can be of any type of style out there. I have even seen homes with styles that originated out of movies. Eclectic is one word that can be used to describe these sorts of home decor. Then there are more traditional home styles that are widely accepted and popular. I have seen homes that have traditional decor, modern tones, or even themes such as Hawaiian or beach themed. Out on the market there really is any kind of custom item out there that you would dream of having. From a Hawaiian duvet cover to curtains that have just the right colors for your bedrooms, there is so much out there on the market. See this website for Hawaiian bedding that is unique and elegant. If you have never even been to the Island of Hawaii, you can still re-create the atmosphere and decorate a room or your home in that style. Who would not love fresh flowers? Vibrant colors that invigorate you and make you feel happy to be alive? There are many degrees to take this decorating theme to; from toned down with maybe one accent feature, to a full-blown room of color and detail. What a joy it is to be able to pick the styles you like to dress you home in.

Safety for Table Lamps In Your Home

When decorating various rooms in your home, keep in mind table lamps which not only create a tranquil mood when they are switched on but add an attractive touch when they’re not being used as well. Table lamps come in so many different styles, they can enhance any decorative theme from antique to modern. Of course an overhead light will still be needed for when you need to see something in detail, but soft light is easier on the eyes and encourages relaxation and open conversation. The only downside to table lamps is the potential danger they can pose to a family – especially one with young children. Here are a few things you can do to make your end table lamps more secure.

The most common cause of injury due to a lamp is its cord. Not only is it a tripping hazard for everyone, toddlers can easily pull a lamp on top of them when trying to pull themselves up. To make the area safer, install a cord shortener which will enable you to hide the extra cord in a snap cover near the outlet. After that, all you need is to put in a cord channel from the point where the cord meets the wall down to the baseboard and along the wall until it makes a right angle towards the outlet. The purpose here will be three-fold: the cord will be protected, the tripping hazard removed, and the cord concealed within the channel which will give a cleaner look.

Light bulbs, depending on what kind, can also pose a risk. Many of them burn so hot and if exposed, a child’s curiosity could cause him to get badly burned. There are bulbs that burn at a lower temperature such as an energy-saving bulb. These have also grown in popularity because of their eco-friendliness, however, they create a different risk; energy-saving bulbs contain mercury which is highly dangerous if broken – particularly for kids and pregnant women. One just has to weigh up which is less dangerous for his household. If you look hard enough, you may find energy-saving bulbs that have seventy percent less mercury in them, making them much safer for daily use. However, they must still be disposed of properly.

Many people get so carried away when decorating a room that they decide to drape pretty scarves and fabrics over lampshades to get the glow they want, and they have no idea how dangerous this can be until it’s too late. While a lampshade is made to withstand the level of heat a bulb can give off, a scarf isn’t and can quickly catch alight. Simply by choosing the right bulb and shade for your lamp, you can get any effect you want. For example, a dark lampshade will give a dimmer light than a white one. If you want the option of bright light or dim light, choose a lamp with a dimmer. Also, choose a lower wattage bulb for softer light and a higher wattage bulb for bright light.

Now that you know how to safety-proof your lamps, make the most of them. Keep in mind that table lamps can make your home seem bigger than it actually is. By choosing lamps that are similar in shape and size but differ in levels of light, a varied dimension is created in a room that tricks the eye. If you walk through your home, you’ll probably find a corner that is just wasted space. Consider turning it into a reading alcove by bringing in a loveseat with a blanket and extra pillows. A small table and a couple lamps of your choice is all you need to feature a few of your favourite books and create an ambient reading light. Be creative. Remember it’s a cozy corner like this that adds character and makes your house a home. Visit African Furniture Merchants for more articles on furniture