Progesterone Hormone Supplementation

When it comes to our body and it’s natural functions, there are a lot of things happening inside of us that we aren’t even aware of. Our organs have the ability to function the way that they do because of signals they receive from the body. More specifically, hormones are sent throughout different parts of the human body in order to start a bodily process, or to keep it going. Progesterone is one of the essential hormones that we need in our body, and plays a major role in keeping us healthy.

What exactly is progesterone? It is one of the sex hormones that are naturally found in our bodies. This particular hormone deals with a number of different things, but is mainly known for being a big factor when it comes to a woman’s menstrual cycle and pregnancy. This hormone is produced in the ovaries, adrenal glands, and in the placenta when a woman is pregnant.

How Maid Cleaning Services Made My Life Easy

Owning a big house seems to be blessing, but does it? Yes, it could be until and unless you have maid cleaning services for cleaning. The big houses come along with number of more rooms, bathroom and big kitchen to cook. Cleaning all them on daily base is not easy. Even cleaning the house once a week actually brings more dust to clean. Your weekend could be ruined very easily if you do not obtain maid cleaning services.

My name is Nina and I own a house of 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen along with 2 cute kids who are 1 and 3 years old. Taking care of house cleaning is not possible for me due to tough schedule and busy life. I spend my whole day to take care of my kids while my husband owns a business. With busy life it is very difficult for us to clean the house on daily bases but other hand i want to provide a hygiene environment to my family. I discussed the problem with my friend, and she suggested to me to hire maid cleaning services for house cleaning, for example from a company like Maid Power or some place similar. First I thought it would cost a lot, but surprisingly it does not in term of price and comfortable you got after hiring housekeepers.

Finding a professional cleaning service company is not difficult in the time of technology and internet. I searched for maid cleaning services around my town and get one within 24 hours. Other than cleaning, i got number of benefits to hire maid for house cleaning. Some of benefits are:

Focus on other things

As a woman and house wife, the most important part of my daily life is house cleaning and it use to take number of houses daily to clean the house but after maid cleaning services I got lot of time to focus on other things and spend my time on other productive things.

For the Best Maid Cleaning Services in Westchester NY call:
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Extreme Portraits!

What kind of portraits appeal to you as an artist?

There are many forms of creating art project portraits.

107237_2260The best forms of art project portraitures include, advertising, extreme portraiture, modern portraitures, and pet portraitures.

Although there are nearly hundreds of other uses for art project portraiture, these are my four favorite ways and they can bring in lots and lots of money!

A useful tool provides a way for business to market to consumers. Advertising is the best way to sell a product and businesses and marketing firms know that all to well. Isn’t it amazing how a simple portraiture photo can persuade us to purchase an item just by a simple picture?

Art project portraits on Pinterest

With the advancement of technology and the internet, photography portraiture provide endless opportune to business by advertising outlets on the web. An extreme portrait is one that take a regular portraiture and takes it “far beyond the norm”, or adds the greatest possible degree of intensity that the artist can possible add.

An artist can simply create an extreme portrait by adding some variations in quality to the art work or using very odd subjects to photograph and this can create the perfect art project portraiture.

Another use of art projects is to use the modern portraits. The role of the modern portraiture is simple; to capture society as it is in the here and now. It’s quite simple to perform and master this technique by simply adding variations of poses, lighting, and backdrops.

By incorporating the likes and dislikes of society and people as well as using various software to enhance a picture, creating modern portraits have never been easy to do. My final favorite form of art project portraiture is Pet portraitures. They are great ways to capture the love you have for your devoted pet. And with so many variations and themes, the ideas are endless. Believe me, pet portraitures are becoming very popular.

These ideas are just a “tip of the iceberg” as to what you can do with art project portraiture. As with any photography, use your imagination and be creative, doing this will provide great final art project portraiture. Happy art project portraiture taking!

Let your mind be your guide!

For Artists

> Surrealism

Survivalists are raving about this knife…

Its three bucks well spent in my opinion. It’s always gonna be in my wallet whether or not I use it, that three bucks would buy me a freaking .. three sandwiches in McDonald’s, one sandwich in McDonalds, less than a whole meal at McDonald’s and people are crying about three bucks on it so, its .. in my opinion I think it some it’s gonna be useful.

Now, its flimsy, but you know it’s three bucks, there’s so much .. I mean down talking of this thing going on, it’s how you hijack airplanes. I mean, it must be a pretty big guy, I don’t think you can get very far with this. If you got an active bunch of passengers that’s gonna jump on you,.. you know .. it’s really sharp .. but, I mean you’re trying to stab someone with this thing, the handle might break and you might just end up catching the blade in your fingers.

You got nothing to keep your finger from sliding over this, I mean, self-defense wise you gotta be pretty desperate. Probably better to just use hand to hand if you’re good at it, but i mean it’s something. This survival credit card knife definitely deserves a place in your wallet, no matter how you look at it, this little knife is just too good not to have it, period.

Determining Auto Accident compensation with an online calculator

When a compensation claim is being calculated by a solicitor, a number of different factors relating to the victim’s injuries and circumstances must be taken into account. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible so an accurate record of your injuries is held by a professional organisation. Your solicitor will need access to your medical records in order to establish the extent of your injuries which will help them to determine how much compensation you are owed for your physical injuries.

It is impossible to say exactly how much motor vehicle accident compensation you will receive without an accurate assessment of your case being carried out by qualified solicitor. There are guideline amounts that are issued by the courts and solicitors use this information to calculate the extent of your damages. Once your solicitor has been able to gather the initial evidence relating to your motor vehicle accident, and the injuries you sustained as a consequence, it is likely they will be able to advise you as to the likely level of compensation you should expect to receive.
If you had to wait for treatment on the NHS, you can claim compensation for any expenses you had to pay if you sought medical attention privately. If you choose to make a claim through a reputable law firm, it is likely they will be able to arrange for you to receive the rehabilitation treatment you need through one of their independent providers. If, for example, you need physiotherapy treatment in order to recover from your injuries completely, your solicitor should be able to arrange for a reputable rehabilitation provider to give you the treatment you need. You will need to keep evidence of any expenses you have incurred as a direct result of your motor vehicle accident injuries – even small amounts, like travel expenses and parking expenses, add up.

You can find a really cool Accident Calculator at, which can call, text or email your calculation to you.

Where to download spy software for mobile phones?

Almost all people have mobile phones nowadays, but you have to remember that as our kids keep growing up they will need to get their own mobile phones at some point in time. For those of you who are getting a cellphone for the first time and if you don’t have any credit yet, you will usually be required to provide a deposit for your service. One of the alternatives you have is to use a pre paid service instead of signing a contract or leaving a deposit. As a matter of fact, you can get a LG Optimus Prepaid Android Phone on the Virgin Mobile system at what may be a much better price, depending on how much of a deposit some of those other services require.

The first thing we would like to discuss is the cost of everything that you will have to pay to get started with this mobile phone. For those of you who are wondering, you will see that this phone can be ordered from Amazon for $79 off the retail price, so you will only pay $120.99. You will still have to choose a pre paid service so you have minutes for your phone. With this phone, you will be going with the Virgin Mobile prepaid service. The minutes you can get through their service may be as low as five cents per minute. You can also sign up for monthly plans that range from $25 per month to $80 per month, based on how many minutes you would like every month. You need to download spy software for mobile phone and also remember that these plans are a pay as you go plan, and there is no yearly contract.

Of course, one of the best things about this package is that you will get to own the LG Optimus, which is powered by the Google Android OS. One thing you will also understand is that this phone can do things that you will not be able to do with other phones that do not have this system. Another great thing you are going to discover regarding this prepaid mobile phone is that it also comes with voice recognition software which will let you do things by just talking to the phone. Naturally, you can also use the 3.2 inch touchscreen to perform all these things if you wanted to.

Yet another nice feature that comes with this phone is the fact that you can watch flicks right on this phone. You will also be able to tune in to your fave radio station through the built in FM radio that is integrated into this cell phone. You will also learn that the LG Optimus can also take pictures and also record videos. If you are interested to find out everything that the LG Optimus can do, you can go over to Amazon and look at the product description page. The ones who have ordered this mobile phone from Amazon have actually given this phone a 4 out of 5 rating which is great for any phone.

How about this credit card knife for free?

As you probably know, training with self-defense methods is extremely important. You never know when something bad could come your way and you will have to defend yourself. You have to be cautious when an attacker is coming your way. There are many things that could happen. It may actually happen, so you have to not worry about it or you may be worried sick. Proper training is what can give you confidence even if it’s something you learn on your own or read in an article like this.

For instance, it is typically only in a movie that you guys look each other before a fight. You really don’t want to do this because you will see less of the body prior to the fight. Any time a person is going to throw a punch, it will be preceded by movement in the shoulders. You won’t be able to hide this type of shoulder rotation unless you are an experienced fighter. You need to look at their chest area. This is the best place to focus upon. Avoid looking at the stomach area. Only focused on the chest at about mid-level. Once the shoulders are moving, you will be able to see the punch coming before it launches.

A very long time ago police and criminal psychologists devised what they call a victim profile. So when you think of a criminal, they understand this very well. It is very similar to how animals in nature interact with each other. Essentially, they will attack people because they are weak. That is why they go after them.

You can actually go outside of this profile by acting and looking confident in your mannerisms. Always look confident, never looking down as you are going along. By looking or staring confidently ahead, not necessarily making eye contact, you can look confident and determined. It may be an act, but it is something you can do and it will help to a degree.

If your opponent decides to attack first with a hand strike, then block it with a deflecting movement that will cause him to open up. As you probably know, their midsection will become vulnerable, allowing you to attack freely. Depending upon how open they are, a single punch, or a one-two combo, is probably how you want to attack the rib area now open. The person fighting you will certainly feel pain. Ribs are a very sensitive part of the body. They will try to cover this area automatically, responding to the pain that you have caused. By guarding the rib area, their face is wide open, so you need to hit while you can.

You can find out about self-defense on the net, but nothing beats instruction from a live training event and having a survival life credit card knife handy. Learning about self-defense, and getting the proper training, will begin once you find the agencies in your area that will teach you how to do this. Positive avenues and life-changing events are definitely in your future once you start looking for ways to learn self-defense. Good luck!

Hire a Qualified Newark New Jersey Divorce Attorney

There is no harm in getting advice and support from your friends and family members, as they would be trying to help you sincerely and honestly. What is wrong is to rely completely on the experience and knowledge of a divorced friend or family member. Remember that every individual case is different from others and the laws and circumstances applicable to him will be limited to his case only, in addition there might be a change in the laws as well. So, better rely on some Newark divorce attorney knowledge as he is the one with genuine advice and an experienced player in the field.

Identify Possible Problems Before They Come Up

Once you hire an attorney you will have a clear picture of the issues you are going to face in the near and far future. No matter, how friendly you anticipate your divorce would be, you still need to learn and protect yourself and your children’s interests as soon as possible. A good lawyer will help you discuss the issues with your spouse in a friendly and cooperative manner. This will enable both the parties to come to a settlement on issues like life insurance, health insurance, and children’s educational needs.

One Lawyer for Two Opponents!

Doesn’t it sound weird? Just imagine how one attorney can represent both the parties with fairness. A few years back it was forbidden by law to represent both sides. Now, dual representation is allowed but only for some particular cases. When your spouse hires an attorney, he works for his or her interests and rights, if you agree to share your spouse attorney’s services, he will not be able to defend you in a way he was doing for your spouse. Just to save some short term costs you may be paying a lot emotionally and financially in future. Many individuals are manipulated, intimidated and controlled by their spouse with the help of ‘their’ attorney. In order to avoid this, it is sensible to hire the services of an independent divorce lawyer, who will solely represent your rights and interests.

Going In To the Court without a Lawyer

Going to a court hearing in a pending divorce without a lawyer is like messing around with a dish you don’t know how to cook. Your honesty alone is not going to win you a case. There are rules, regulations and procedures that are followed by the court. No matter how sincere you were in your case, if you are not able to communicate effectively with the judge, you will lose. Anything you say can become evidence against you, so you need to have a professional, expert, qualified and experienced team to fight along with you on the legal front.

What to Expect in an Overseas Relocation

A better way of life, warm weather and shorter work days are reasons why people move abroad. However, getting to a destination abroad is not necessarily relaxing especially if the process of overseas removals USA is not handled in the right way. There may be a lot of things you need to know prior to the actual move. Companies that provide overseas removal services can help make the process of moving to another continent less stressful. Great rates at can be found. Found below are some of the things you can do to make your move succesful.

If you want to pack your materials safely and securely, you must select the right packing materials. So you should start collecting materials such as boxes, markers, bubble blankets, wooden crates, bubble wraps, wrapping paper, utility knife, tape, nuts and bolts, envelopes, etc as soon as possible. Bubble wraps are essential for packing fragile items and wooden crates needed for covering antiques or fine arts.

It is important to choose an overseas removals company that is able to offer what you need. Ideally, the company should help you transport your belongings to your new home. In some cases, you may need to use the services of a removals company based in the country you are travelling to. A company who does the moving process completely is the best choice. You might want to check out reviews or recommendations from friends and family, advertising by word of mouth is still the best. Decide on a specific moving date after you have selected which reputable removals company you would be going with. The company will do the packing for you. Make sure that you pack all the items you need to move appropriately for air or sea travel. An inventory of your belongings should be provided by the removals company. After reaching your destination, check to ensure that all your belongings arrived safely.

It is important for you to obtain removals insurance protection for your belongings during the removals process. This will help you to be prepared for any accidents that may happen. You will receive compensation if a mishap takes place. You can search for the best deals on overseas removal insurance and choose the policy that fits your requirements.

Always ensure to keep a numbered packing list, which is highly helpful for dealing your overseas removals company effectively. Your mover and the customs officials require this list. It is also essential to mention the name of your consignees in each box you are going to ship. You should also point out the destination and job reference number on all boxes. High price items should be kept with their serial numbers. This will help you to find the package in case of impairment or loss of items.

Overseas removals can be carefree and easy if you prepare and plan in advance. It is best to start planning months in advance in order to ensure that the entire process will go on smoothly. A company that provides overseas removals services can help you plan and offer you the support you need to have an effective removal process. The company can offer you advice on storage, packing and transportation. You can find more knowledge about overseas removals company such as how much they charge and how they carry out the removals process among other things online. You can find great service at Atlantis Overseas Removals.

The Right Interior Plant Service For Your Office Plants

An office that has plants in it will usually have workers which are also happier. Plants bring comfort to your office’s atmosphere so having the right interior plant service can make a big difference in keeping those plants alive. First make sure that you have checked the references of any company you are using for your plant care. Ask for any references if you never heard of them before. You can also find reviews in consumer websites. The more information you have about the company, the more confident you can be that they will do a good job on your plants.

The right interior plant service will not only care for your current plants but also suggest ways to improve their conditions as well. A plant may be located in the wrong location meaning that extra humidity or lack of sunlight will affect it. A plant service will be able to recognize the problem immediately and make suggestions as to what you can do to either move the plant or bring the right conditions to it if necessary. Though money can be important, it should not be the first concern when it comes to keeping your plants alive and in good condition.

The Benefits That Come From Plants Provided By An Interior Plant Service

Just like you can hire or rent furniture, artwork and other physical fixtures necessary to make any space livable these days, an interior plant service can provide that same environment with needed houseplants for decoration and health reasons. The benefits of having plants continually around has been well documented, and is admittedly one of the reasons that services of this kind were established. Not only is it an affordable way to decorate your home or workplace with beautiful plants, it is also a way to establish an environment worthy to live in from the start.

An interior plant service will provide and maintain any plants that you select for your interior environment. Some will choose those plants based on their aesthetic value, either from scent or color, while others will choose them for their visual impact. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of benefits to be had by having a number of healthy houseplants in the environment. First, the overall mood set by the presence of healthy houseplants reflects more of an aura of peaceful coexistence, rather than stressful competition. That combined effort then bleeds over into group creativity and production, making teamwork rise to all new levels in the process. Even in a single occupant environment, creativity, quick thinking and problem solving abilities, when tested, are much higher than they would be in an environment that does not contain plants.

Why Use Sit and Stand Desks?

There are many options out there for desks that you want to use and sit at, however, an option that you need to make sure that you are checking out are sit and stand desks. These are great desks that have many features and these features are great for helping you get more out of your day. This is a great thing for you to take a look at and to make sure that you know what is out there so that you can find just what you want and get the choices that are going to fit you well and be great for office productivity and comfort.

They Offer Convenience

Maybe one day you want to sit at your desk and another day you are running around like crazy and you want to stand at your desk. With a sit and stand desk, you can do just that and it makes it really easy for you to get what you want. So, sitting or standing, you have choices and they are going to be a good thing for you to try out. Check these desks out and make sure that you are on top of these choices and that you are going to get the desk that you need to have your employees working well for you.

They Create Healthier Employees

Nothing is worse than sitting at your desk all day and having a terrible neck cramp or back pain. Back pain is something that happens when you sit at a desk all day stooped over. So, prevent that and give your employees a sit and stand desk where they can do both. This will allow them to still be productive while they are standing up. Or, if they feel that their desk is too low, they can move it up and that will also help too. Make sure that you are checking this out as a great reasons to get these sit and stand desks.

They Allow Workers to Have Freedom

Workers don’t want to be chained to their desks all day. So, that is a good thing that these sit and stand desks can help with. You want your employees to be able to stand up, stretch, touch their toes, walk around, and with a sit and stand desk, they can do that. It just makes everything that much easier and is a great idea for making morale a bit higher in the workplace so that people are feeling great about what is going on around them and the place that they work in caring about them.

Tips For Using a Locksmith in Winchester

There are many choices that are out there when you are looking for the choices that are out there. With all of the best choices out there, you want to make sure that you are getting just what you need. Look for the choices out there and get the best choice that is out there for you.

With a good locksmith in Winchester, you can get everything that you need done and they can help you find keys, change locks, get into your house or car, or just about anything else that has to do with a key. Make sure that you are looking to see these choices and get the ones that you think are going to work the best for you.

Motorcycle Theft Protection Tips From Locksmiths Winchester

While it is mostly unheard of, there are a lot of incidents in the UK concerning motorcycle theft. While perhaps not as glorified as auto theft, there are a significant number of ways that a thief can steal a motorcycle without being seen nor heard. Locksmiths Winchester have a number of tips that they like to pass along to their customers, primarily about ways in which an owner can prevent the theft of their own motorcycles.

One of the first tips that locksmith Winchester would like to pass along has to do with preventing motorcycle theft through a simple sticker. In the UK, purchasing and displaying a L2L sticker on your motorcycle will let other riders know that they are welcome to attach their own security chains to your bike, reducing the chance that anyone will attempt to steal the bikes because of the communal security. Security locks are another option, as are security chains, which can be fitted into most key receptacles with ease. Armored or chain locks are the best to use on motorcycles, as they can be positioned to prevent either wheel from being moved or turned. These can be joined to frame locks, which sit flush to the underside of the frame, making for a complete lockdown for your motorcycle.

Have A Locksmith Eastleigh Recommend Your Locks

A well-trained locksmith Eastleigh can be an invaluable source of information when it comes to choosing locks. Whether they are meant to be used on the inside of your home, or the outside, they are the best and most knowledgeable source of advice that you can find. In light of all the changes in technology that it has happened over recent years, it might be a wise idea to have a locksmith inspect your home to help you choose the right security measures.

A locksmith Eastleigh can inspect both the interior and exterior of your home, looking for potential breaches in security. After the inspection, he will sit down with you and explain where exactly he found the weakest points. At this point, he should be able to recommend exactly the right locks to solve your security issues. Most of them will offer the inspection for free, in exchange for the right to install all of the locks recommended.

Finding a Great Locksmith Totton Company

When it comes to having a locksmith on hand, this is something that you should check into so that you have someone that is going to work for you. There are many things that a locksmith can help you with and these things are generally more than just having to have your keys unlocked out of your car. You need to know a great locksmith.

You need a locksmith that is available. Any of the companies that you are considering for your locksmith Totton choices need to have 24 hour availability. If they don’t have 24 hour availability, you probably want to look into a different locksmith instead that is going to be able to help you no matter what time of the day it is.

How to Pass an Emissions Test

Do you have an older car, truck, or SUV? Are you afraid of not passing the next emissions test without cheating? With these economic times, can you afford to pay to fix your vehicle to pass those stringent smog requirements? Can you afford a new vehicle that will pass emissions test without cheating? Is your vehicle a gas guzzler too? I know mine was.

I can show you how to pass emissions test without cheating, legally. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, you CAN pass that emissions test and increase your gas mileage. Think of it as a two for one combo. It is something that you can easily implement yourself without having to pay a mechanic’s fees. If you are technical or do not have the time, you can hand the manual to a friend or mechanic to have the system implemented.

Use a microfiche scanner to aid document storage

Today, many of the companies who have vast quantities of records stored on microfiche are wondering about the next generation of imaging products. The ability to scan microfiche to capture the information in digital format is that next generation. Getting the job done is often contracted out in order to maintain quality control. If a business firm or governmental entity with extensive microfiche records wants to convert to a digital format, it certainly makes sense to hire a firm with the equipment and skills to ensure the accurate capture of the information.
A microfiche scanner is an expensive piece of equipment and many small to mid-size entities cannot justify the cost of such a machine to convert microfiche to digital images. At the same time, digital conversion offers some advantages that are impossible with the most sophisticated microfiche devices. For example, digital storage is an even more efficient use of physical space than microfiche. Backup of the information for security and safety is possible easily. Searching for information using a computer file is much simpler than trying to pinpoint an exact document on a microfiche reader in a library somewhere.
Although the ability to scan microfiche with a ScanPro microfiche scanner and to convert the images to digital files is a common use of the technology, you can also convert paper files directly to digital storage at present. These images, derived from either source are easily stored on a hard drive or on external storage of some type. This includes the use of CDs or DVDs. As technology continues to evolve, it is likely that the newer capture-and-store devices will be made available. For more information why not view our website here
At present, there are mountains of paper that still must be captured digitally in order to have any hope of saving the information contained. A similar situation with boxes of microfiche exists. Being able to scan microfiche ensures the retention of records safely and in readable format.

Be safe – employ a qualified elctrician

There is a requirement for electrical services whenever new offices and homes are built. Electrical contractors, who take up electrical work in flats, homes, building sites or new business establishments, provide electrical installation or electrical services. Even those who are renovating their homes look to electrical engineers to do things that they cannot do themselves such as installation of ceiling fans or security lighting.

Even for work outside of home renovation, electrical services may be required. For instance, when there is wire damage due to storms or hurricanes, homeowners will need the services of electricians in London. Although it may be quite easy to locate an electrical contractor to carryout electrical repair work on your home, selecting the right one can make all the difference. There are many factors to consider before selecting an electrician.

It is essential to select an electrical contracting professional who is thoroughly qualified to take up the job, as it can insure better results in the outcome of the project. The advice of friends and family can also be sought before hiring electrical contractors in London has many who are able to perform the service with great skill. The accreditation of each electrical contractor must be confirmed. Customers must be provided with professional advice with regard to their electrical requirements.

It would be advantageous for customers to hire a full service electrical contractor company as it offers a range of electrical services at a cheaper price. These companies normally comply with all government regulations and are licensed fully. An electrician in Dartford for example, is fully equipped to install, maintain, design and repair commercial, residential and industrial electrical projects and electrical systems.
By using qualified electrical contractors and independent electricians who are fully accredited will go a long way in ensuring that the job will be carried out professionally and in good time. Risks cannot be taken where electricity is concerned whether it be in a private or commercial establishment – safety is always the key.

A short lease on your property may reduce its value.

A short lease can seriously affect the value of your property
Your lease is slowly losing value (relative to an equivalent Freehold property) as the years remaining on the lease tick down. Properties that have a lease term shorter than 80 years will reduce in value even faster, and the cost to extend your lease will increase. The shorter the lease the less it is worth and the more it will cost to extend the lease. Qualifying leaseholders have the right to extend the lease for an additional 90 years under the 1993 Leasehold Reform act.

If the unexpired lease term falls below 80 years, the cost of extending can increase dramatically as Leaseholders will have to pay ‘marriage value’ to the freeholder.
An extended lease has roughly the same value as a freehold
It is generally considered that a property with in excess of 100 years unexpired lease term is worth roughly the same as a Freehold equivalent property. With an additional 90 years added to all but the shortest lease, the property as a lease purchase will be worth the same as a freehold purchase for decades to come.

Properties with short leases are harder to sell than freehold properties-so given the choice, and the available funds, a decision to buy freehold rather than leasehold would seem to be a wise one.
Many Lenders will not lend on a short lease
The definition of a short lease varies by lender, but lenders start to get nervous at around 70 years. This could be a problem when you come to sell or remortgage your flat as it will be effectively unmortgageable. You may have no immediate plan to sell but when you do your buyer will have to wait 2 years before they can exercise the right to a lease extension.
Once you extend a lease – no more ground rent!
Once you’ve extended the lease for 90 years then your ground rent will be effectively free (technically known as a ‘peppercorn rent’). Your extended lease will stipulate this Peppercorn Rent but it means that there is no ground rent to pay for the period of the lease extension.