Are Old Horror Movies Better Than The Latest Hollywood Blockies?

When people talk about old horror movies, most of us will think to classics such as “Psycho” with the dreaded Norman Bates; but what about the new Hollywood movies?

Most of the older generation will be in favor of some of the classic movies, saying that special effects and CGI has spoilt the creative mind of movie makers. It is simply too easy to think of an idea and put it to the screen- simply hire a few computer geeks (or a whole army), and watch them do their magic! If you say “I want a 20 foot giant, that’s exactly what you will get on the screen!

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Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs – What a Great Gift Idea

Well it’s time Christmas vacation moose mugs this year already. It just seems like a few months ago, Christmas was here and the whole family was happy with each other, the smell of pumpkin loaf was in the air and the turkey was in the oven.

But now it’s 2012 and 2013 is just around the corner. My family every year, just around thanksgiving, we break out the moose mugs and pass around the eggnog. I don’ know about you, but that movie, Christmas Vacation is the funniest holiday movie out there, hands down.

So why do I love this time of year so much. Well it’s because how much I love to cook. I love cooking for friends and family and even mail sweets out all over several states in celebration of my favorite time of year. Here’s what I plan on doing this year. Sugar cookies, pumpkin loaf, turkey with bacon (yep bacon!) and the best dressing that you will ever eat in your life, I promise.

So happy holidays from my family here in my humble little home. And don’t forget about Clark Griswold and his cousin Eddie. Think of me when you watch this Christmas season.

Don’t Miss Out On Movies

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If you are like most of us, you have a crazy busy life that offers weird hours-hours that most businesses and other entities do not work around. You get full length 100% legal movies to download and watch on the go-no matter where you are, what time it is, or what movie you want. What’s more, once you download it-the movie is yours for life-as easy and definite as that. No P2P or file sharing is involved ever, they are a 100% legal movie provider.

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Clever Ideas for Halloween Costumes

Many people look forward to the holiday at the very end of October, October 31st to be exact. Halloween is an exceedingly popular holiday, second to only Christmas in the United States, and for good reason. Halloween is a holiday that has something for everyone, whether you are young or old, like scary movies or fun costume parties. But coming up with great ideas for Halloween costumes? That can be scary for anyone. Luckily, here some tips that will hopefully inspire you full of ideas for Halloween costumes this October.

First of all, it has never been easier to find or come up with great ideas for Halloween costumes. Unfortunately, this has also made it harder. It is both easier and harder? How is that possible? Well, first of all, with the Internet, it is now possible to browse through thousands and thousands of Halloween costumes of varying prices, and nearly infinite different ideas. This is, obviously, what makes it easier to come up with great ideas for Halloween costumes these days.

However, this same easy access also makes it harder. It used to be that to get great ideas for Halloween costumes, you had to put in a lot of effort. Go to a variety of stores around town, think and plan ahead, scour through catalogs. No more. Now, that same amount of effort and research and planning might yield the same great costume that you spent hours finding and deciding on that some other person lucked into in a few minutes of searching on the Internet.

So if you want truly great ideas for Halloween costumes, you have to dig a little deeper. Spending more money probably won’t help; you can never control how much money someone else has. Instead, you will need to work really hard on creating a unique costume. You might need to ignore your first idea or two; it might be a little too popular. Digging deeper into your creativity, perhaps you need to combine two ideas for Halloween costumes. We see pirates by the dozen these days for Halloween, but what about a pirate zombie, pirate doctor, or even a rocky horror costume! This particular movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” spawned a quite sizable variety of costumes that portray all the characters in the movie. Combining Halloween costumes as well might be the best way to discover truly unique ideas for Halloween costumes.

Whatever your approach is to Halloween this year, whether you want a truly original idea to win your costume party contest, or simply just a new and fun costume, coming up with multiple ideas for Halloween costumes is crucial. Good luck, and have a happy rocky horror Halloween.