Alternative Hebrew Lessons

Are you looking for an alternative Hebrew Lessons program than the traditonal ulpan method? There are many programs out there but we have the newest and modestly speaking, we believe, the best one so far. We utilize audio, video, games and worksheets to reinforce from every angle the new Hebrew language skills that you will be picking up within one lesson.

Hebrew is a language from ancient history and it is a fascinating cultural expereince as you progress through the Hebrew Lessons in many different categories. Did you also know that learning a new language can help improve your memory and even stave off the onset of Alzheimers? Keeping that brain active is key!

We have created a fun hebrew learning enviroment and highly recommend that you take advantage of learning a bit of the language before you decide to travel to this ancient land, Israel, and experience a great vacation in an intriguing area.

Lucid dreams and the secrets book for a better life

Dreaming is a phenomenon that all of us experience. However most often than not, we wake up to question of what we dreamt and why we dreamt certain things and sometimes even wondered why there were unconnected strings in our dreams, like a badly directed movie. How nice it would be if you could dream of what you want to dream and how you want your dream to progress? This is the phenomenon of lucid dreams and if you thought that was difficult, you are wrong. This is quite possible and if you want to know how, read on.

Dreaming, waking up and sleeping are all events that are controlled by the brain and the brain in turn is controlled by the various frequency levels that operate in and around the physical being. So what are the frequencies that you need to think about when dreaming or rather when you want to have lucid dreams? The alpha frequency state is the state when you are awake and active. Then you should know of the theta frequency range which is when you are capable of dreaming. Delta frequency prevails when you are fast asleep.

The secrets book, mind, healing, spirituality, lucid dreams and the law of attraction can all help you if you understand them.

The secrets book is about nothing but the law of attraction and how to use your mind to make it work. The law of attraction is quite simple. Like attracts like. No big secrets there, were there? Not likely that there have been any secrets about the laws of attractions since “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek; and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. (Matthew 7:7)

Only one catch, if not used correctly, most people don’t use the law of attraction correctly, even when they’ve seen the secrets book, it can keep your from everything you want. Yes, that’s in the secrets book too. If you haven’t seen it you really need to see “The Secret” as it’s about the law of attraction.

One of the secrets is you must always state what you want in a positive manner. Never use the negative or say what you don’t want. In my 60 plus years of life, if I’ve learned on thing, it’s that it’s always better to be positive than negative. Take that to the bank, positive is always better when it comes to the secrets book.

Beautiful Dry Erase Calendars.

Are you searching for an effective way to organize your family while saving money? Have you sought out an answer for putting a calendar in your home but are against placing an unattractive dry erase whiteboard front and center for anyone to see? Look no further, Alaboard can offer a decorative, attractive calendar to organize your loved ones while not creating an eyesore in the main areas of your house. As an alternative to trying to hide your calendar in the back room in your house you can display it happily where you and the other members of your families can continue to keep track of your engagements. What good is a calendar if no one actually sees it?

Calendar Dimensions

So what is the right size Alaboard for you? Do you have a large household or are you a swinging bachelor or bachelorette? Alaboard provides you several styles for virtually every home or schedule. You can choose from extra large, large, medium or small board. The dry erase calendars range from 36 x 24 inches down to 16 X 16 inches. Search your house to find the most suitable wall for your personal board. Once you discover the right wall, you’ll be able to choose the right size that suits the motif and style of your home. Need a larger board, it’s possible to have one custom made to suit your home exactly

Calendar Dates

One of the main concerns with whiteboard calendars is having to write and change the month and dates every month. Alaboard has produced a solution by printing out the months and numbers on a magnet. Every month you merely need to shift the numbers and add the new month. In just a few seconds you can be ready to organize the next month. Families can easily setup the calendar together as an exercise to track everyone’s various routines and events. No longer can someone use the excuse for not making a meeting because they didn’t know. When a gathering changes, the dry erase calendar enables you to change it without having the items crossed out for the rest of the month.


Imagine an organized family calendar that everyone can reference conveniently at any time. Alaboard’s dry erase calendar gives you an attractive decoration that is practical. Keep track of crucial dates, birthdays, as well as messages or shopping lists. You can save money by not having to replace your wall calendar annually. An Alaboard dry erase calendar is the ideal solution to keeping track of your family’s routine while not having to conceal it in the back room.