Tree and Gardening Ideas

So you have a problem with your tree and garden pests, and you’ve tried everything you can think of; but have you tried turning your garden upside down? No this is not a joke. They’re actually selling upside down planters now to help you grow your garden and small trees in pots turned over; and most recent converts are so crazy over this that they refuse to ever grow a normal garden ever again. As gardening ideas go, this one is terribly popular now, as my gardening enthusiast and arborist friend (a tattoo artist in Montreal) enthusiastically tells me. His problem was that he would try to grow tomatoes in the kitchen garden patch he had in the normal way. But cutworms were eating his patch inside out and he tried every normal kind of plant and tree pesticide without success. Rather than go industrial-strength with the poison, he began to look around for other gardening ideas. Being good with his hands and all (you have to be, to be a tattoo artist), he decided to get his tomatoes off the ground, it away from the worms.

crepe myrtle tree

He got a few 4 gallon plastic buckets; he packed them with dirt and compost to make the planters, cut a hole at the bottom of each to insert a tomato seedling in through, put in a little bit of wet newspaper as packing around to anchor it, and then hung them upside down on steel hooks and chains strung around his backyard. It was about the best crop he had had in a long time. The preserves and sauces he made, (I got a bottle of it) were pretty good. I’d always encourage him to try newfangled gardening ideas like this if it could net me a great bottle of its yield.

How To Build A Shed Roof: A Step-By-Step Plan

When you were a child, perhaps you watched your father build a shed, or maybe you had friends or neighbors that built their own storage sheds. It’s even possible that some of those sheds are still standing. However, if you closely examine the roofs on these structures, you might see that there are leaks. Of course, a shed with a leaky roof is practically worthless. A roof that leaks water will not protect your belongings and can result in extensive water damage. It is absolutely critical that a roof can withstand all severe weather elements such as snow, rain and wind. Whether you want to replace an old shed roof or build a completely new shed, you need to have a solid step-by-step set of shed plans to make sure the roof is properly built to last so it can keep your belongings well-protected.

In the short-term, a durable and sturdy shed roof might be more expensive. However, over time, a well-built roof will need fewer repairs. This will save you money in the long-term. You will also have peace of mind when you know that your belongings are stored safely inside a shed with a sturdy roof. A comprehensive plan is the most important thing you need to have to build a solid shed roof. If you are not experienced in building one, a good plan is the best investment you can make to ensure that your project will be successful.

When it comes to building a shed roof, there are other important aspects that you also need to consider:

• Your roof should be designed so that it is steep and slanted. That helps to keep pressure off the roof. It is also important to ensure the design of your roofs conforms with your local area’s building code.

• Once the application for your building project has been approved, the next step is to have the roof trusses made. Most lumber yards will do this very inexpensively if you are unable to do the work yourself due to lack of sills or the proper tools.

• Once the trusses have been fabricated, the next step is to mark the shed walls at the points where you will anchor the trusses. Normally you will want to have a 2 foot interval between trusses.

• Next, put the trusses in the places you have marked on each of the walls. Then nail the trusses down so that they are sturdy and solidly in place.

• Once the trusses are installed, the next step is to put the decking in place so that the trusses are tied together. This provides support for the shed’s roof load.

• The final step for completing the roof is to install the roofing material you have selected according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Anytime you are performing work on a roof, safety is always a top concern. It is much better to have at least one other person working with you. Also, make sure your ladder is secure. Finally, don’t forget to clean and maintain your roof on a regular basis. Your roof will last a lot longer if you take the time to do this.

Garden Maintenance

My wife and I have had a garden for as long as we have been together. We both love to grow things, and it has always worked out that she takes care of the flowers, bushes and plants, whereas I will grow the fruits, vegetables and herbs. It is just what we prefer to do, but one thing to which both of us will attest is that garden maintenance is so important for both types of gardening, and there are a number of reasons why this is the case.

Proper garden maintenance is one of the big keys to having a successful and attractive garden. It is something that my wife and I have learned through trial and error over the years and have been able to pass on to friends and neighbors who are starting their own gardens for the first time. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but if you want to avoid a lot of headaches down the road, maintain your garden properly and regularly.

Spring Garden Preparation

Gardening is a amusing leisure activity, because people either can’t get enough of it, or they don’t know a hoe from a rake! For those who are who presently have your gardening catalogs dog-eared, from frequent perusals, you most likely cannot hang on to get outside and get things going for spring season. Garden preparation can be some of the heaviest work of the season, but is completely worth it when the seeds start sprouting and the rose bushes start to leaf out. Having said that, it’s also important to busy yourself with the proper spring garden preparation tasks initially. Even some seasoned gardeners suffer a loss of patience, waiting for spring to come and start digging and adding amendments too soon, which can cause an inferior soil structure and much less blooms! Let us take a peek at how to approach your spring garden preparations to optimize your results throughout the warmer time of year.

Strategies To Keep Wild Birds Away From Bird Aviaries

Are you planning to have pet birds as well as house them in aviaries? If you are, you need to think about certain things. First of all, actually need sure that you offer robust aviary for your parrots. In that way, they will not be easily damaged and the parrots will not be able to run away very easily. Furthermore, the birds will be safe inside them. However, it is not only adequate to use dependable and sturdy dwelling spaces regarding birds. It is also crucial that you make sure that the outside components such as wild birds won’t be able to bring harm to all of them.

Apparently, birds as well as food supply catch the attention of chickens which might be carriers regarding dangerous organisms as well as illness. It has been identified the Psittacosis, which can result in unbridled illness together with death in pet birds, is carried by about one percent of the wild chicken population. Moreover, it can be transmitted to human beings and the common carriers are the pet wild birds. Thus, it is very important to avoid this disease to interfere with your birds. At the same time, it is very important to keep the said birds from your choice birds. Here are the things you can do to make it happen.

Take away any kind of bird feeders or goose ponds. These can almost draw undomesticated wild birds into your property.

Place the particular aviary away from lengthy branches and trees exactly where these birds can easily gather together. Thus, it is essential to think well where you can place them. It is very important to position them in places that would be hard to accessibility by predators including the said birds.

Build the roof above the top portion of the said fowl dwelling space. Determine that water as well as food containers tend to be covered. Unguarded aviaries are susceptible to crazy bird droppings which could spread disease.

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Mosquito Zappers – are they effective?

ZAP! Crackle. Pop. Snap. I watch with a sinister grin as the pesky little insects and bugs find their way to the bright light. It’s a serene and wondrous blue light that lures them in like moths to a flame.How effective are high-tech insect magnets and mosquito zappers? Well, these devices usually take care of a certain vicinity. Obviously you can’t turn on a few mosquito zappers, and expect to go walking around the neighborhood without getting bit. This is where insect repellent reigns supreme. Bust out some DEET and mist it over your limbs and torso. This is the best way to keep those irksome little insects from biting while you’re enjoying the summer months. And remember to check out the latest beneficial insects at your local home store. Better yet, there has been an increasing awareness on what the benefits of natural pest control are.

Natural fly trap

A lot of people do not place a lot of thought on flies, considering them merely annoying types of bugs that simply need to be swatted away. However, flies are the cause of much more serious problems, carrying all sorts of diseases to humans and animals alike. Tuberculosis, dysentery, typhoid, and a host of so many other food-borne diseases, are what makes flies not only irritating, but quite scary too. It isn’t hard to imagine how flies are able to spread diseases, something that doesn’t paint a pretty picture. These pests are frequently in areas that gave decomposing garbage and waste, both human and animal. That is why a natural fly trap such as the solar fly trap is safe and effective in the battle against harmful flies.

Fly parasites can make your home and barn fly free.

People who love and support organic farming and the small self-sustaining farms that this type of farming generally means, often worry about how difficult it can be to get such a farm to financially make it on its own. Usually, farmers who run such small farms need to look elsewhere for financial help to keep their farming ventures going. But big problem that many farms have are that they have a lot of annoying flies. Now there a natural solution to this problem.

Fly eliminators also known as fly parasites can make your home and barn fly free. These are non chemical ways of getting rid of flies. They attack the fly pupa and stop the life cycle of the fly. It is the most natural and effective biological fly control solution. It is also the safest way of getting rid of flies that cause infections and annoyance to your livestock and barn animals. Fly eliminators or fly parasites are small two winged wasps used for fly control. They eat flies breeding in manures. These fly eliminators develop and grow within the developing stage of the pest flies during their pupal stage. They eliminate flies even before they are hatch into adult flies leaving your home and barn fly free.