How Smart are Homeschooled Kids

It has to be said that just because a child is homeschooled, that doesn’t mean it becomes super smart. There are home school teachers of different levels and commitment (be the parents or brought in from outside), just as there are in all other school situations. And let’s not forget the kids. Academic achievement cannot be brought out of kids if they don’t possess them to begin with. What that means is you can’t make Einstein out of Joe average, just as you can’t make an average kid out of one who is naturally talented. We all have different IQs and varying levels of ability. Sure, good teachers can bring out the very best in us, but our very best will sometimes exceed expectation and also disappoint.

Schools with competing peers are the best environments for students to be educated according to experts, and although there are some impressive grades to come out of homeschooled kids, they still lack in socialisation skills when compared to children educated in main the stream educational systems.

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How to Get Easy Scholarships

Easy scholarships can be had if you start applying early, especially to FAFSA which will tell you how much in scholarships and need based student aid you are eligible for. From there you can map out what you will still need to pay for college.

Did you know that the easy scholarships grants and student financial aid run out per school the longer you wait in applying. It’s always makes good sense to get your financial student aid paperwork submitted sooner rather then later so there is enough funding for you.

Keep in mind that colleges have their very own easy scholarships grants to give out to those who inquire and apply. So if you are awarded an outside scholarship, then this could lesson what you receive directly from the school.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will not be able to afford going to larger well know universities like Harvard for example, because it will be way too much of a financial burden for you. Nothing can be further from the truth. A good rule of thumb is the more costlier the college, the more you should apply to it.

This seems to be confusing to many students outside the student aid world, but when you understand that at these larger universities where the tuition is high, this will only mean you will get more aid from them to cover it once you qualify for it.

Easy scholarships and financial aid are for those who navigate the student aid financial system properly. Once you know it – it becomes easy.

Where to Find those Unknown Scholarships

There are hundreds of unknown college scholarships that many students don’t apply to them simply because they are so obscure and remote. They pay large yearly awards andthey give them out to more then just a few students, some of them 10 – 50 annual scholarship awards. These are theones you want to take the time to apply to because the odds indicate you have a better chance of winning one ratherthen applying to a scholarship which passes out only one or two yearly.

Where do you find these little known scholarships? Well, there is the internet of course with many websites stating these unknown awards are truly hidden from most students. But how do you really know? You really have to apply to what you think is a scholarship unfamiliar to others. Is the website seem well researched? This is always the best indicator just by reading to see like it’s been written by researchers who seem to know what there talking about.

Your chances are better if there is not a whole lot of others applying for a scholarship. This only makes sense. And it gets better in your favor if the unknown scholarship sponsor awards many every year, instead of one or two which most do. This seems a little ridiculous because then it’s almost like winning the lotto unless your GPA,SAT’s and other scores are in the upper 5% of your class. Most of us aren’t even close to that.

Good Unknown Scholarship Advice

Look for the unknown scholarships paying a respectable amount with many awards. This will give you a fair chance of winning one of those awards. You won’t be wasting your time when you are filling out tall the required scholarship paperwork and you will fill good about it.

The Differences in Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and grants for college are very similar in every way. The biggest way is that if you’re awarded a scholarship or grant which you don’t have to pay it back. This is the biggest reason why you want to work hard for the scholarship and grant.

Student loans are attached to most all college students and these do have to be paid back. It’s not uncommon to see many students upon graduation to have close to $50,000 to $80,000 in student loans they have to work on paying back.

Not so with a grants and scholarships. There’s no pay back.

Where do you start looking for scholarships grants initially? A good start is .gov websites on scholarships and grants because they are usually the biggest on the market today in terms of the number of them and the monetary size of the awards.

The next would be private scholarships and grants handed out by large companies year after year which they do as a goodwill type of campaign to show everyone they are socially conscious.

Next; would be the many thousands of unknown grants scholarships doled out every year by smaller to mid size organizations which are for profit and non profit. libraries are good sources of finding all of these for you.

College and universities themselves are a wonderful source of finding scholarships and grants for you to apply to. They get them in every year so apply early before there used up. Go straight into the Fin Aids offices to speak to a Fin-Aid counselor to help you with this though, so you will get good up to date information on the newest in scholarships and grants.

Online Hebrew Lessons With A Reality Show

I have a confession right at the start of this new blog post I have “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” but I am not going to give up in learning as my husband has just announced we are moving to Israel for his new job.

“Are you crazy” I said “there is a war going on out there in Israel” He just laughed at me and explained where we would be staying and the great opportunity he has with this new position.

I was still in a panic looking to for a way to run away until he showed me this New Immigrant family online they are teaching as they learn Hebrew. Now I am laughing as it look so amazing and the people are very friendly.

I signed up to the Hebrew Challenge updates and am now confident to more our life to Israel.

My husband is a Messianic Jewish believer and with this job change we can also get citizenship in Israel so we don’t have to live in Israel like Americans.
Hebrew Lessons yea I am lov’n it!!

3 Techniques for New College Graduates

Every single school pupil that is getting ready to graduate desires advice. While they may not always treasure the counsel they receive, there’s always the hope that 1 or even more suggestions resonate and grow into guideposts for far better lives and careers. In the following paragraphs five ideas for new faculty grads are discussed to help you institution grad have a well-established and successful vocation.


Anybody will advise you to fantasize but mysteriously dreaming generally seems to disappear for most individuals. Sometimes they settle down into the monotonous. You won’t have to make the evening headlines to enjoy an effective life, nevertheless, you ought to attempt to improve your full potential. Getting dedicated is useful.

Do not let life’s difficulties cause you to acknowledge less. Think of making a better way. Be as productive as you can. Along the way, make everyday great for other folks.

Go social and share your dreams!

Deliver the results

You shouldn’t quit having a dream. Be ready to perform the function. You most likely feel very good about yourself and you should, but remember you’re JUST starting up. You realize less than you believe. You’re not as accomplished as you believe. In order to be great you should function. To be able to be excellent you must function.

Occasionally you must operate like you have in no way worked before. Find a person with a lot of encounter who is not going to mince words and tell you the best way to turn out to be outstanding in each and every portion of the life. LISTEN even if it hurts. Then be prepared to perform at it each day.


You were probably asked to read a lot of textbooks in college institution. With luck , you digested what you read. But your focus on acquiring by means of the class and acquiring a good grade could imply you do not totally comprehend all you read. Go back and read what you are interested in using a new attitude.

Make certain the habit of reading doesn’t die inside your life. In specific read about people, events, and places. Usually have a book that you happen to be reading. Watch much less Television. Eliminate it in case you can. Watch fewer films. Turn into outstanding at studying and having clever discussions regarding what you’ve read.

Becoming an manager and not a worker indicates you will increase your monetary standing and build wealth. You might have less to shed by doing it now. Don’t be within a rush to be like everyone else and do what absolutely everyone else is carrying out. Uncover a thing that interests you and apply yourself. Play about with it, with all the aim of making it operate within a inventive way. You are going to be shocked at how nicely you are going to develop and what you can accomplish in the event you place your head down and create.

Poem Scholarships from Competitions

The simplest way to gather extra money to help pay for college is from poem scholarships. There are many poetry competitions anyone can enter to submit there one of a kind poem for a chance to win. It’s not as difficult to win as one would think. Many times these contest have been won by people who just only wrote one or two poems. The theory behind this is everyone has one great poem inside them that needs to be told.

This is exactly why all students should keep on entering there one or two poems they have written into these poem competitions. Every time you enter students can increase there chances of winning. The trick is in the numbers. Keep submitting your poems to as many as possible.

There really is no shortage of poem competitions because they are endless. This has to be one of the more numerous scholarships being offered today – poem scholarships and contest. They are all around and the awards range from 25.00 to 20,000. This can add up quickly too if students stay at it daily and keep applying to them.

The winnings many times can be kept by the winner to use anyway they want. This is what makes poem scholarships and competitions extra special and flexible. This is something most students do not realize and is a nice feature about poetry scholarships and competitions. You can even use the winnings for a car if you want.

Hebrew Alphabet Lesson

Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters and is called in Israel “Aleph Bet” or “Alef Bet”

and it is where we get our alphabet from. Five of the letters appear in a different form at the end of a word.and are all consonants.

Hebrew is written from right to left. A vowel system called nikud has been added over the years but this is mainly used in school books and prayer books not in everyday hebrew text.

Hebrew Alphabet translation goes from picture form to block or script letters, looking back in history of the Hebrew Alphabet is an amazing journey and when you see the meaning of the letters and the build up of words it will blow your mind at what is in a word something we do not appreciate when looking at a English word. This is something I want to expand on as we learn but for now our focus it getting familiar with knowing the letters.

To watch the videos and read more visit Hebrew


Hebrew Alphabet

Victoria Falls, I presume?

If we’re honest with ourselves, all most of us know about the Victorian explorer David Livingstone is the famous and oft-repeated line: “Doctor Livingstone, I presume,” as spoken by Sir Henry Morton Stanley and the fact that he discovered Victoria Falls.

Dr Livingstone was born in Blantyre near Glasgow in Scotland in 1813. As a child he worked in a cotton mill but he pursued his education in the evenings and in 1836 began studying medicine and theology. He was posted to the edge of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa as a missionary in 1841. Convinced that his purpose was to bring Christianity and freedom from slavery to ‘darkest’ Africa, Livingstone began exploring central and southern Africa. He came upon the wonder of Victoria Falls in 1855.

Back in the UK, Livingstone spent his later years exposing the horrors of the slave trade before returning to central Africa to search for the source of the Nile. He remained in Africa until his death in 1873. During this expedition, in 1871, he was not heard from for several months until Stanley came upon him near Lake Tanganyika in October and uttered that famous phrase.

Livingstone must have been amazed, at least initially, by many of the animals that he saw in Africa. He had two elephants, Sussi and Chuma that accompanied him on his expeditions and carried his body back to England after he died. However, there is also a letter that he wrote that details how his party killed and ate an elephant. Very telling, for those of us passionate about animal volunteer work, that he relates how he saw the rest of the herd apparently mourning, and that the local people appeared to be afraid to kill elephants for the ivory, as the animals were “not disturbed by the presence of man”.

Livingstone’s exploration of Africa has ramifications in the 21st Century, as people from around the world are inspired to visit the stunning Victoria Falls and see the wildlife that abounds in the region.

Victoria Falls offers a great experience to those that not only wish to see the area but also those who would like take part in voluntary work with animals projects, community outreach and research programmes. Though much more ‘civilized’ than when Doctor Livingstone explored the area, there are now wildlife conservation holidays which offer visitors the experience of a lifetime.

Doctor Livingstone, we doff our pith helmet to you, sir.

Why Special Education is so important in Modern Schooling

In the United States, children with disabilities routinely attend the same schools as regular students. This is all possible thanks to advanced teaching techniques, which cater for their needs. Special education allows children with cognitive or emotional disabilities, blindness or deafness, to learn almost as effectively as children without these problems, and is therefore an essential part of modern schooling.

When a child is young, their brain is developing and learning at an incredible rate. If your child is unfortunate enough to suffer from an illness which limits their learning capability, they are in danger of never developing the skills essential for life. Special education gives children this lifeline to develop relatively normal lives, and is therefore extremely important to thousands of families.

It makes sense to separate children with different teaching requirements. Not only does it allow them to learn at a slower pace, it also reduces disruption to other pupils, should they be left in a large classroom environment. But special education isnt just about slowing down the pace of the teaching. In the case of a deaf child, it can simply mean changing the form of communication, with more emphasis on signed and written lessons, than spoken instructions.

Some parents feel that isolating children may have an adverse effect on their upbringing. But special education shouldnt be looked upon as isolation. It is merely using different approaches for different individuals. We are all unique, after all.

Algorithm Mayhem!

In the quest to write quality blog articles, one thing of importance has stood out recently and that is the talk going about the internet regarding the Penguin update from the Google machines.

This latest Google update is directed towards spam sites and the low quality, grey hat practicing spammy linking methods. Black hat SEO isn’t destined to survive long with these constant updates shaking the heck uout of the organic rankings in the search engines.

For a checklist I have found Affiliate Marketers College has some helpful penguin tips to reduce the fallout to our sites. The things refer to linking practices, plugins and general SEO for better rankings…

Support Israel

Each year tens of thousands of Jewish people make the journey arriving in Israel to start a new life. This is no different for the Russell family. We could not have made the journey without the support of friends and family and to all we thank!

One thing we have noticed is the difficulty of the transition from western culture to Israeli life and have studied solutions for our family to be not just successful but significant in what we do to integrate.

Our goal is to integrate and ignite

We are committed to filming and producing our journey as a new immigrant family and to do this we need subscribers who will sign up for 27 USD per month to support our project and journey. For those who would like to make a single donation to support us this too is welcomed.

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