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Healthwize has been going for over ten years now, selling
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prices. There is plenty of information available on the site so that you can
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You’ve probably heard a lot about antioxidants and there is
good reason for all the hype. A healthy body knows these natural cancer
fighters for their outstanding contribution. Healthwize can help you decide
which product is most suitable for you. While many of us try to get enough
antioxidant rich foods into our bodies, we often fall short.

There are many reasons to add a fibre full nutritional
supplement to your diet. Fibre works to block fat and calories from being
absorbed into your system. It helps you feel full and satisfied throughout the
day and it works as a natural way of staying regular. This nutritional
supplement is perfect for anyone interested in losing or maintaining weight.

All the you need to know can be found at , for choosing the right
nutritional supplements for your specific needs, making well informed choices
along with knowing your overall health as well as your goals.

Get some Diet and Fitness to Feel Better Today!

By adding fitness into your diet routine you’re in addition permitting your body to shed off any extra calories you may have taken in throughout the day. This means that if you want to have a small ‘cheat’ during your day, you can make up for it by burning a few more calories than normal in the evening. This isn’t something that should happen often but an occasional occurrence isn’t going to make or break your diet.

You must also look at dieting and fitness as being a ball and glove sort of connection. Because you can play ball with out the glove, it appears to work much better if you’ve got both. Diet and fitness when combined can provide great weight-loss results for those that take them both seriously. The thing to bear in mind is neither will work as well alone and neither work if you aren’t ready to do the work. Make sure you make this a top priority in your own life to have the absolute best success. Click here for more..

Calorie Diet: Finding The Diet That Is Right For You

With summer on the immediate horizon, lazy beach days are approaching with great rapidity and with all the other joys that summer brings with it – surf, sand, and ice cream cones – it also brings with it the stress over our bodies. Are we bathing suit ready? What is it going to take to make us so? Is one problem area? Toning, should we tone? After the initial panic subsides most of us wind up doing the exact same thing, spring after spring, year in and year out. We diet in the hopes of getting a body that everyone else on the beach will be completely envious of. The next course of action is finding the diet that is right for you. For some this means a life free of carbs, other stick to a liquid diet. But one of the most popular modes is watching what you eat, which means restricting your caloric intake. An extreme example of kicking your butt into a bikini? A 1000 calorie diet.

We all know from having eyed even in the passing the nutritional information found of the packages of nearly everything we consume that the “average” person should be eating a well-balanced diet comprised of 2000. When you take on a new change in diet like the 1000 calorie diet, you have got to be even more aware about what you are consuming to ensure that your body is getting everything it needs to keep it healthy and happy. This is not to say that a 1000 calorie diet is off limits for folks, not at all. In fact that 2000 calorie statistic you will find on those packages is a median of a the population, comprised of men, women and children all of whom have drastically different nutritional needs.

Women, being typically smaller in build than men, require fewer calories, so a 1000 calorie diet while dieting is not extreme at all, especially as a woman ages and her metabolism slows. 1000 calorie diet leaves plenty of room for all the essential nutrients the body needs to thrive, including fruits, vegetables, proteins, and the goodness of whole grains. If one is sure to include water in their 1000 calorie diet in addition to all the proper types of food, they will be sure to get a body that is beach ready in no time.

Herbalife Shake could be the answer to getting a calorie diet foods. Simply visit where you can get the best prices on Herbalife Shake.

Colonic Weight Loss: An Effective Way to Slim Down

There’s a new way to diet these days and it’s gaining a lot of fans. And the reason is because the body gets recharged and rejuvenated through total body cleanse and colonic weight loss. It’s always true, what we eat sometimes stays within the digestive tract. The body has natural enzymes that break down food and process food. But in cases of poor health or disease, some food is impacted and never goes out the digestive system and never gets eliminated from the body.

Total body cleanse using colonic diets, colon cleanse juices and colon hydrotherapy are the most popular methods. Cleansing and fasting have a lot of adherents and it’s easy to do if you know the basic rules. Go down to the most basic and simple foods. Do not starve yourself but instead, make sure your body still gets the nutrients it needs.

The second phase of the complete body cleanse was a bit more invasive. I started the bowel cleanse, and did not enjoy it anymore than you would expect. I think I’ll leave that part out of my story. Suffice it to say, it takes a while and it hurts. Leave a few days for colon cleansing when you don’t have to work. The rest of the complete body cleanse can be done at work, but this phase should be in the privacy of your own home. Did it work? It’s only been a little while, but already my energy is better. I’m not sure if it completely lived up to its promise, but my aches and pains Are much less severe and my energy is better. Time will tell.

Garcinia Cambogia: Safe Supplement

If you are one the people looking for a very safe supplement for losing weight, then you must continue to read this entire article. Maybe you tried a lot of weight loss methods and took several supplements that does not work. Then, try taking garcinia cambogia.

What is the good thing about garcinia cambogia is, it is natural and pure that makes it safe to use. Garcinia cambogia safety is based on the studies of several experts making garcinia as the main ingredient of the supplement. Garcinia cambogia also works well even you are not taking seriously your diet plan and not having a daily exercise. This is ideal for all the people with kind of lazy lifestyle and wants to lose weight in a healthier way.

Just take note that if you have current conditions, had history of health problems and pregnant, you must seek advice from the medical experts before taking it. Even garcinia cambogia is made from pure extract you must first consult a doctor before taking it.

Benefits of taking Garcinia Cambogia Pills

Supplements completes and enhances the status of the body. There are different supplements with different functions. There are supplements that is nutritional and some are dietary. Garcinia cambogia pill is one of the popular supplement worldwide. It is known to be very effective and safe for human’s health.

In addition to that, here are some of the benefits upon taking the pills regularly:

  1. It will fight against ulcers
  2. It will eliminate gastrointestinal disorders and diarrhea
  3. It will prevent high cholesterol and heart disease
  4. It will convert stored fat to usable energy

Regularly taking of the supplement is very safe, proven and tested with no side effects. You must drink enough water to avoid mild headache and constipation. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding of suffering from diabetic, you must consult first your physician before taking the said pills. Remember that each individual has a unique body and resistance, therefore before taking any medicines be sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients and components of the medicine.

Does Garcinia Cambogia have side effects?

Most of us are doing reviews and checks the efficiency, side effects and safety of all the products that we are about to use especially medicines and supplements.

Garcinia Cambogia is one of the supplement that is being used by millions of people over the last few years. This supplements has been proven to be effective and safe to use. You might read an article regarding damages of liver due to the over use of the supplements but this is not true. Supplements are very helpful to the human’s body, it does not damage it, but it will help your organs to be protected and function as well as it is.

Yes, garcinia is safe and seamlessly acceptable for most of the people. There are no records found that is being listed as side effects of garcinia cambogia. But if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have allergies, then we highly recommend that you must consult any expert or physician before taking it.

Why Are Laser Weight Loss and Laser Liposuction Popular?

You have probably seen doctors on popular health shows do demonstrations on laser liposuction and laser weight loss after dieting. It is the new thing that incorporates wavelengths of light to melt stubborn body fat. It seems like a procedure from the future, except that it is here now and it works.

Laser has been used in surgery for many years. But with the advent of new technology, laser has become the new go-to technology when it comes to sculpting, contouring and getting rid of flabs and fat. The fact that many plastic surgeons are going and advertising their services using different proprietary brands of laser machines just shows you how important and lucrative this market it. But do lasers work? Is there such a thing as permanent results when using laser weight loss and liposuction? The answer is yes!

Although it requires multiple visits, sometimes spread over a month or two, doctors can now insert micro probes inside the areas you want work done. These micro probes have laser that melt the fat, making it easier to extract via traditional liposuction. Just imagine a block of solid butter vs. melted and softened butter. The doctor has more ease vacuuming out melted butter than solid butter. This means that there is less trauma on the areas where you want work done!

Your Guide to Laser Weight Loss and Body Sculpting

You look in the mirror and you like what you see. Then again you wish that this little thing here looks a bit slimmer, or perhaps you wish that the jawline is sharper. Or could it be that you arms were not as flabby? Body sculpting is more popular than ever. Now, doctors can perform laser weight loss and sculpting without requiring major surgery. How did this procedure become so common nowadays? The reason is because new technologies involving laser weight loss have become safer and more affordable!

The body responds to sculpting and weight loss through different techniques like cryolipolysis or the body’s exposure to cold. It can also respond to ultrasound where sound waves bombard certain areas of the body. Radio waves through radio frequencies can also help. But the most common technique now is using light waves or what many practitioners call low laser weight loss techniques. All these methods bombard the body’s fat cells and disturb them. The result is the fat cells actually shrink!

This targeted weight loss system will not work for the obese, as their needs with regards to weight loss and nutrition are different from those who are healthy and fit but require a little bit of sculpting and contouring in certain places.

What is the Best Diet to Lose Weight in 10 Days?

Are you in a rush to lose weight? Are you looking for the perfect diet to help you lose a few pounds in time for a party, a wedding or just a hot day? Have you googled and searched bing on what is the best diet to lose weight? Here is one practical advice: Eat! Yes, eat vegetables (bowls of it)! Eat fruits (lots of it!) and lean meats. Eat smartly and never go hungry!

Are you surprised? When you’re looking for what is the best diet to lose weight, you’ll come across answers ranging from the totally scary to the totally ridiculous. The best advice from experts is just eat the right amount of food (portion control) and the right food (fruits, vegetables, grains and lean meats).

Eating healthy everyday until it’s part of your daily habit will help you lose weight and will also help you maintain the weight you’ve lost. There is no yoyo dieting when you eat healthy. The object is to pare down your food or calorie intake, then exercise more. It is easier said than done, but remember, there is no magic pill for fast weight loss. And who wants that anyway? Eating healthy is the only way to go!

Two Practical Tips for Fast Weight Loss

Are you on a fast weight loss plan? Have you chosen a target date yet? How much weight do you want to lose? Everyday, men and women are looking at their diets and are realizing that improvements must be made if they want to stay healthy. Our weight obsessed society slowly transformed into a nutrition based society as more and more bloggers are looking for answers in fast weight loss blogs and forums. Practical advice from those who’ve “been there and done that” is priceless. Unbiased reviews of diet programs, diet plans and diet books is needed so as not to make the same expensive mistakes they did.

Here are some Practical Fast Weight Loss Tips:

1. Eat at least 3 servings of vegetables for dinner. Many successful dieters said that if it’s on the table and ready, then it will make its way onto your plate. So if you’re having grilled chicken breast for dinner, add 2 more veggies to the broccoli. Why not add carrots, steamed zucchini or steamed squash. They will add bulk to your meal without the bulky calories.

2. Eat more broth based soups. Fast weight loss can be achieved if you add soup to your diet. The eyes will be visually satisfied with seeing a big steaming bowl of minestrone soup. All the veggies and yummy goodness of chicken strips is a complete meal by itself. Plus when you eat food with soup, you’ll be less hungry atthe end of the meal.

The object is to eat the right combination of low calorie yet very satisfying foods. Try it!

3 Easy Ways to Start Detox for Weight Loss

Detox for weight loss is not hard to do, once you have all the components you need. First, let’s understand what detoxifying your body means. To detox means to simply get rid of the toxins or bad things lurking in your digestive system. The colon is the target here. Mucus membrane along the walls attract toxins, so one way of cleansing is by eating foods or drinking juices that are specifically made to detoxify your body.

Here are some easy steps to follow:

1. Get a clean bill of health from your doctor first. Do not start a detox for weight loss diet if your doctor determines that you are not a good candidate for such method. Better be safe than sorry later, as detoxifying may mean that you won’t be getting the nutrients you need and could cause problems if you’re on medication.

2. What method of detoxifying will you use? Will it be all juices and teas and drinks? Or will you be eating certain foods (like oatmeal) that helps in digestive cleansing, and thus will clean out your system, too.

3. What is your end result? What is your expectation as regards to weight loss? Detoxifying your body will mean digestion improvement, but this is by no means a permanent eating plan.

My Diary: Stop Smoking Timeline

Last month, while reading the news and blogs online, I came across an article about weight loss and beauty and how everything is related to my addiction. Yes, let me call it for what it is. It is my addiction. It is the reason why my husband has been cold to me in bed and why my mother constantly nags me. It is an addiction that bleeds $20 a day from the family budget. It is also the addiction that makes me self conscious. The reason why I was online is because someone told me that I look older than my older sister. And she’s a good 8 years my senior. I was humiliated and wanted instant beauty tips. Until I realized that it was my smoking, my addiction that caused all this.

Right then and there, I decided to quit. No, it was not about the COPD that might develop if I continue smoking. IT was that I felt hurt and humiliated when someone said that I looked older. That I was less pretty than my sister. You may find it trite, but that was exactly the reason why I quit. And it works for me because I made it personal. I created a smoking diary which turned into my stop smoking diary. Finally, I was able to realistically plot my stop smoking timeline.

Was it hard to stop smoking? Yes, I must admit it was. But having a stop smoking timeline that exactly plotted my start date became such a powerful incentive. Try it, it may work for you, too.

Counting Calories with Fast Healthy Smoothies

Smoothies are the new way to go when you’re on a diet. They can be thin or thick, creamy or milky. They can have fruits and vegetables. In fact, when making fast healthy smoothies for your diet plan, the rule is simply to let your imagination run wild! Counting calories with fruits and vegetables you make is easier than getting smoothies at a health food store and not knowing what exactly goes in!

Yes, fast healthy smoothies can be made a number of ways. Start with sweet fruits like bananas. Now, if you like citrus foods, you can add a cup of orange juice, a quarter cup of lemon juice and make it a sunrise smoothie. If on the other hand, you love berries, then banana and blueberries are a great combination for a smoothie. There are plenty of vegetables you can add to this puree to make it into a meal. A cup of pureed squash is awesome. So is a cup of steamed carrots. When they’re soft like this, the consistency you get when they get blended will be more like soup.

If on the other hand, you want your dietary fiber for the day, then add green juice from kale, spinach, mustard greens or collard greens. Your fast healthy smoothies will not be bitter because the natural sweetness of fruits will make it more yummy. Instead of milk, use creamy Greek yogurt. It will give your smoothie a texture that is irresistible!

Diet Programs To Lose Weight That Make The Grade

What makes a popular diet successful? No, it’s not which celebrity endorses it or which one is talked about in TV talk shows. Bear in mind that celebrity endorsers are paid by the company, so you may have a princess endorsing it or an NFL star, but think about how realistic the claims are.

Diet programs to lose weight have one thing in common. They are nutritionally sound. They make the grade because doctors approve them so do nutritionists. They are not starvation diets or fad diets that focus only on one kind of food. Some diets like water only or bacon only won’t work in the long run because the body can’t live with liquid only or with protein only. These diets are too restrictive or don’t allow you calories you need to actually survive!

There are diet programs to lose weight that balance the caloric needs of an individual to match the amount of calories they burn through activities. These are the best diets to use since they have enough calories to ensure that you have energy to sustain you during the day. These diet programs to lose weight also offer one thing that many fad diets don’t, they allow good food and nutritional food! Here are more insights on our diet blog that you might want to check out.

Sculpt Your Body and Become a Bodybuilder

If you’ve looked in the mirror recently and wished you had a different body, then join the ranks of thousands who say the same thing each day and do something about it. Wishing your body to change is one thing. Doing something and actively improving your health and looks is another. How easy is this? Not as hard as you think! In fact if you read forums and blogs on bodybuilding, you’ll see how easy it is to start, keep it up and end up with a polished body.

It is easy but it requires a lot of work and effort. This is not a contradiction, simply a fact of reshaping your body and building muscles. In fact, when questions like: how to become a bodybuilder and what to do to become a bodybuilder come up in forums, a lot of helpful people will chime in and give you samples of programs that work! Do not just go to the gym and lift weights! There is a science to this.

For those that resist the services of a fitness instructor because you’re too embarrassed to ask for health, remember that injuries befall people who do not know how to train with weights! Fitness instructors are there to help. Go and seek their advice!

Living With Lupus Symptoms In Women And A Healthy Diet

Everyone has busy lives these days. With all the things
going on in your daily life, sometimes you might be tempted to just grab
something to eat on the run, and overlook proper nutrition. However, nutrition
can easily be incorporated into the routine of your life and to improve your
lupus symptoms in women if you know how. Browse through these helpful tips to
get some ideas.

By buying produce at a local farmers market or from a farm
stand that one knows of in the area, an individual can get a variety of locally
grown fruits and vegetables. Not only will one be getting the nutritional
benefits from the fruits and vegetables but also they will be supporting their
local farmers.

When trying to clean up your diet by making it healthier,
start slowly. You cannot force change overnight. You also don’t want to provide
your self with too much of a shock by eating foods that you may not even like.
Try adding healthier items over a few weeks and eventually you will have
developed a healthier habit.

Some drinks are full of calories, and should be consumed
sparingly. Soda, sports drinks, alcohol, fruit juice and specialty coffees have
many empty calories. These calories do little for our diets, when it comes to
adding nutrition. It is crucial to drink fluids, so choose them wisely. Skim
milk and water are great drink choices.

A great nutrition tip is to overcome emotional eating. A lot
of people tend to eat food as a way of coping with stress. This is known as
emotional eating it can lead to obesity and low self-esteem. By overcoming
emotional eating, you’ll be much healthier and in a better place.

Ascorbic acid, also known as Vitamin C, is crucial to keep
in your diet. It is used for the maintenance of multiple body systems, most
importantly the repair pathways and as an antioxidant. It is found in many
popular fruits and vegetables, but it is also sometimes added to foods as a

Beans, beans what a wonderful food. Studies have shown that
eating beans can reduce your chances of developing heart disease and could also
prevent breast cancer. These great properties are thanks to beans’ high
protein, vitamin, and fibre content. To reduce the chance of indigestion, add
them to your diet gradually.

Do not get yourself on the diet roller coaster. There are so
many different diet plans out there that many people will try for a few weeks
and then go back to their unhealthy eating patterns. If you just skip the diet
plan and start eating healthy foods, you will have much better success in
controlling your weight.

Setting a good example of nutrition in your home for your children’s sake starts with
you. As the adult you need to be consuming a variety of fruits, vegetables,
proteins and whole grain items. You need to be able to show your children that
you can eat healthy and have sweet treats in moderation. This way, you will
prepare them for a healthy lifestyle with nutrition over time.

Lupus Symptoms In Women And Diet Tips

To prevent and relieve joint inflammation, eat a diet that’s
high in selenium. Selenium fights against oxidative stress near the joints, and
helps to keep your body balanced. Selenium deficiency has been linked to
several health problems, including Lupus Symptoms In Women and diet and Kashin-Beck’s
disease. Foods rich in selenium include tuna, liver, and sunflower seeds.

Getting plenty of vitamin C can strengthen
your immune system, help you manage Lupus pain, help you fight cancer, help you avoid scurvy and give you glowing skin. In fact, people who don’t get enough vitamin
C may be very prone to skin problems such as acne. It is worth increasing
vitamin C before trying expensive acne solutions to see if your problem might
simply be a vitamin deficiency.

Proper nutrition does not need to be
complicated. In fact, if you know the basics, it is easy to include foods in your daily Lupus Symptoms In WomenDiet that are
packed full with nutrients. It is much better for your health when you control
what goes into your body. So, try some of these ideas that you have read, and
you will be well on your way to enhance your health.

Protein shakes for weight loss and weight loss system for you

Protein shakes for weight loss have many benefits. First being that so many people have used protein drinks they are recognized as being pretty safe. However I am not a Doctor so you should check with your own Doctor before following any advice on this website. People with allergies should check the ingredients carefully because there are some made with milk or casein products and other possible allergy causing ingredients. They also come in low-calorie, high calorie and gluten-free. You can read more about the benefits of protein shakes for weight loss at that link.

You can get ready-made and ready to drink protein shakes which is an advantage for those who don’t want to make their own shakes at home in their blender. Bodybuilding has made use of homemade shakes filled with healthy ingredients to help them build muscle. Read more about protein shakes at this link

Weight Loss System

Like everyone else you are probably looking for a quick weight loss system and have spent a lot of time reading weight loss system reviews. You keep thinking somewhere there has to be a lose weight system that will work for me. You’re right, somewhere there is a system that will work for you. As you know, it can be a big problem finding that one weight loss system or program that will work for you.

Maybe you’ve tried weight loss pills and have discovered they didn’t work very well. Lol, I can tell you they do work, if you follow the instructions. However they want you to increase your level of exercise and eat a balanced diet. If you did that you wouldn’t need the weight loss pills to begin with. Check out to learn more about weight loss systems

Healthy shakes- lose weight in a month with healthy weight loss shakes

Healthy shakes are very good for you and can help you with a more healthy weight loss. When people think of healthy shakes they generally think of protein shakes. Healthy protein shakes are almost everywhere nowdays as are healthy shake recipes.

You can even get healthy breakfast shakes and use them to cut down on daily calories by not eating breakfast. Not all healthy shakes are made of or with protein tho. There are also healthy fruit shakes and those are the ones I love the best. You can add some protein powder to them if you want and that makes them even better. I love healthy smoothies made with fruit. For more information on healthy shakes or healthy smoothies click here.

To keep healthy shakes healthy I always make mine at home. Like I said, I love the healthy fruit smoothies as I know I’ve just made them from fresh fruit with no sugar added. If you need a bit of sweetener try adding a little bit of honey, not sugar or artificial sweeteners. Healthy fruit shakes are easy to make and some of the healthiest shakes you could ever make.

My favorite of all my healthy shakes or smoothies that I drink is strawberries, watermelon and banana with a scoop of vitamins and minerals added protein powder. You can buy protein powder at almost every drug store and health food store and at a ton of places online. You can buy protein powder to make healthy shakes with vitamins, minerals and other added ingredients or you can buy plain old whey protein powder and add what you’d like.

One other thing you can do with healthy shakes, that I like to do, is get some of the freezer pops plastic containers and fill them up with your shakes after you’ve made them. Let them sit in the freezer over night and you have a very healthy frozen snack on a stick. Cheap, easy and convenient. Kids love them too so you don’t have to worry about feeding them junk and they don’t know that they are healthy shakes that have been frozen like popsicles.

You can also make healthy shakes out of vegetables if you’d like to do that. I tend not to like the taste of the vegetable shakes as there aren’t all that many vegetables I like. Fruit is never a problem for me but the healthy vegetable shakes just don’t taste as great to me. That’s a personal choice though and you should go with what works for you when you make your healthy shakes.

Losing Weight Using Master Cleanse Treatment

Urgent steps have to be made so that you can remain in shape with weight reduction becoming important. Probably the best trendy dietary programs that’s more suitable and brings speedy outcomes is the lemonade diet program. It is a great option when one is eager about removing extra weight. It is the best detoxing diet and once your body fasts you don’t be eating any foodstuff apart from drinking water, and it is the main element in the lemonade. Hence you enjoy a lot of the benefits of fasting for example losing weight. The lemonade diet formula is comprised of freshly squeezed lemons, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water.

In cases where any of the replies to the upcoming questionnaire is yes, then master cleanse diet is beneficial for you. Are you feeling lethargic, bloated, and insufficient strength? Have you reached a pinnacle in fat reduction? Do you find yourself unhappy by unsuccessful diet programs and cleanses which are not possible to execute? Are harmful toxins weighing you down? The other well-known name that it vends by is the “Master Cleanse” diet plan. Diet advisers around the world guarantee its reliability when the body is able to undertake the demands. They prescribe you to consume just 4 types of beverages that may be taken in addition to the lemonade. This kind of detoxification diet pronounces a stringent no to any type of solid diet.

Diet advisers encourage this diet recipe because it offers rest to the stomach and the gastric section and may be seen as washing and elimination. The juices that one takes in in this time period give quite a few positive effects pertaining to weight reducing. However there are as well some downsides envision you are not consuming the important nutrients whether it’s in shape of minerals and vitamins. You need to recognize the advantages of the diet and the drinks you intake. You might find a large number of testimonies that are floating on the internet is that your body looks laden with elevated levels of energy.

Higher vitality and stamina are the primary factors aside from fat reduction that you may find thousands who stick with this diet. The salt drink flush that’s suggested takes out the harmful toxins and waste-materials out of the water. We all have an endurance level if your body could endure the load then the gains can obviously satisfy you. Your stomach is cleaned with the tea that’s laxative organically. A diet plan needs to be a suitable nourishment plan which fits your standard of living and routine.

By putting the same 3 substances; maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice, into a stick pack, Lemonade Cleanse To Go basically makes the Master Cleanse far more convenient and handy. It’s made from organic all-natural formulation, devoid of synthetic flavors or colors. Lemonade Cleanse is the finest flavored, best-working, and most convenient cleanse to choose from. Now by means of this intuitive stick pack you can continue with your regular work and feel comfortable that you have the correct meal in trouble-free way. Imagine it makes living rather simple, effective weight reduction without any bother of excessive diet plan.