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How a Girl Taught Me a Lesson in Happiness

A few months ago, I was working on a company project that promised better financial security for my family. Although it was a success, but it had cost me so much. My life was one hell of a stressful ride. I became irritable for even the most trivial things, and my loved ones had to bear with my tirades. The project huge rewards, yes, but it also meant having no time for myself. How I look at life changed while I was on vacation in one of the hotels in Benidorm on the beach near the Playa de Levante beach.

One day, I was relaxing on the beach all by myself. The beach was deserted, save for a few joggers. The serenity was broken only by the soft murmur of fellow sunbathers and the occasional jogger who ground the sand with his boots. It was indeed a beautiful day, but little did I know that the day would be a life-changing one for me.

“Hello, is this space taken? I’d like it here because of the breeze,” a sweet voice asked. I squinted upwards, meaning to take a look at where the voice was coming from. The face that looked back down at me was a sight to behold.

She had the prettiest face that I ever saw. She has a crown of radiant, platinum blond hair that gleamed in the summer sun. She was very small, standing over a little more than 5 feet. Her blue biking matching the blue in her eyes and the summer sky. But what got my heart beating was her beautiful smile. What was very enchangting with her smile was the dimples forming dents just below her slightly freckled cheeks. I was mesmerized for a few moments, but it seemed to be an eternity.

I managed to stutter a reply, telling her she can have the space. She again managed to flash that radiant smile at me, before laying her towel down on the sand. For a few minutes, I could not talk. Beside me was what I thought to be the most beautiful girl in the world. Taking a peek at her, I tried to memorise her every line and curve.

Attempting to start a conversation with the mysterious girl, I asked, “So, are you here for a vacation?”

“Yes and no. It’s my last day of work in that hotel there,” she explained and pointed at another beach hotel. “Tomorrow, I’m leaving for Scotland.”

“Ah, so you’ll be working in Edinburgh?”

“I haven’t any idea,” she said with a sparkle in her eyes. “I’ve only read about the city in the Internet. I don’t even know anybody there. Perhaps I can apply as a guide to one of the tour companies there. Or I can substantiate myself there by being a hotel maid. But, whatever is waiting for me, I’m very excited.”

I looked at her, utterly in disbelief over the girl’s courage at her young age. “So you just decided to pack up? Edinburgh or Scotland is an unknown for you, I suppose?”

She smiled. “Of course. But do we really know anything” No, we don’t. Life’s all about exploring and risking to find what makes you happy. Some day, I will leave this world just like anybody. And it would be such a waste of happiness if I let my fears and doubts cloud over something that could potentially make me happy.?

I became dumbstruck. Her words were nothing but true. People, including me, are just too immersed in securing themselves that their personal tasks for happiness takes the backstage.

She excused herself after a couple of minutes and walked to another part of the beach. I never saw her again or even knew her name, but that mystical beautiful, smart girl taught me a great lesson of a satisfaction guaranteed life.

Swing by a New Couple Trends

Swing by a New Couple Trends

Swinging is something that is done by special couples who wants to add a new thrill in their lives. It is always something special and something that will make things work for the best and for what people want. People want what is best and people will get just about this through what the best swinger couples can offer. It is about time to go to swinger couples and see what they will have in store for your relationship. Be the new you and see for yourself what will make you happy and what will make you see that the new trend of couples will be fast, easy and will definitely get you by. Get started and see what you can have in your new found trend.

Does The Ex Recovery System Work?]

The ex recovery system is a step by step interactive guide that is divided up into several different parts. It’s a very comprehensive and interactive system that includes a pdf ebook, videos, and free 14 day access to a coaching program, “Break Up To Break Through.” If you decide to continue with this program you are then offered 3 months of 1-2-1 training with no extra charge.

You also get access to a members forum as part of the system. This is a great opportunity to meet others in the same or similar situation to yourself. Often suddenly becoming single again can be a lonely experience unless you have friends going through the same thing.

The ebook covers everything from controlling your emotions after the initial trauma of the break up, understanding the psychology behind the split, and finally helping you decide if you really want to get back with your ex.

There are many books available both on and offline that offer relationship guidance, but what makes this one unique is that it’s aimed at all different break up situations, and not just a one size fits all approach.

There area also qizzes that help you to measure your progress and decide if you are ready to move on to the next stage of the recovery system.

So does the ex recovery system work? There are lots of testimonials from people who have taken action on the information given and got back together with their ex. However there is no guarantee that whatever you do will work, as if your ex has no feelings for you and is determined to finish the relationship there is nothing you can do.

However lots of couples do get back again after breaking up, especially if they have been in a long term relationship. Ashley Kay, author of the ex recovery system shows you how to make yourself irresistible to your ex and get him or her begging to get back with you. The techniques she teaches are unconventional but very powerful. If you take action and stick to what Ashley teaches then you will have the best chances of making things work.

The final part of the book covers what to do if you have to accept that your relationship isn’t going to recover. If you find yourself in this sad situation, do not attempt to start dating again until you are really over your ex. Rebound relationships never work as you are carrying baggage from your past love and you will be unable to feel any real emotion for this new person.

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Tips To Keep a Man Interested

Five tips to keep a man interested.

  1. If a man feels pressured to change in any way…you won’t keep him interested. This is especially true regarding his freedom. How to keep him interested is by encouraging him (within reason) to continue his hobbies and friends he had before you met. He may very well want to trade out time with you…just let him work that out without pressuring him.
  2. Let him know you appreciate him for everything he does for your relationship..even the small things.You love it when he does this for you, so return the simple gesture and let him know that you know.
  3. You will keep a man interested when you show him you are not a high maintenance women. In other words, it’s not always about you. A sense of humor in stressful situations goes a long way..don’t add to the load…lighten it!
  4. What men want from a relationship is do you. If a man sees you are passionate about things that interest you (including him), he’ll see you as someone interesting and individual.
  5. Be feminine yet be able to “hang” with the guys. If you participate and/or converse about things that interest will keep him interested.

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Why Men Pull Away And Are Slow to Commit

Are you searching for the answers why your boyfriend is moving backwards in his commitment? This can be one of the most challenging difficulties to go through in your relationship.

Struggling to discover why guys pull away has to be among the most enigmatic mysteries in life. The key is whether it was he or you that caused him to take a step back.

The majority of men back away in the relationship as a result of something else going on outside of your relationship. Him pulling away isn’t a representation of you nor what you’ve done in the relationship. You cannot allow his behavior to push you to question yourself.

At this stage, you will either have to help him with that problem or give him the time and space he needs to solve it. This isn’t a simple task for the majority of women because he may very well not want your assistance.

Did you try talking with your man when it comes to the distance that he placed in between the two of you? Most guys won’t open up and answer you in a way you’ll understand. Care and timing go a long way to setting up a conversation about commitment . He will possibly express to you he needs time to work it out. This is where you will have to pay attention to him and permit his space.

You cannot make him commit, however, by giving him some space, he’ll view it as a sign of love and trust.

Of course as a woman, you’ll think this is stupid logic; this is because ladies are usually, as a rule, ready to discuss their difficulties and search for possible solutions with one another. A large number of guys are not wired in that fashion, having said that; if a boyfriend is open to a discussion such as that with you… consider it a golden opportunity to discover what you’re looking for.

Another possibility to ponder is that sometimes a guy simply needs to empty his cup just a bit… For example; if you have just had a lot of time together, maybe a trip or some emotional experiences, well that has the ability to throw a single man for a loop and quite often he will withdraw to acquire some point of view.

This man will contemplate about what’s going on and how he feels about staying with you. . . He’ll reappear whenever he gets everything worked out.

In contrast, if you do think you have indeed caused your man to pull away, you should search yourself carefully.

If your doing something that causes your guy to feel pressured to change in some way…he won’t commit until that stops.

If you can show him you love him for all that he is …not what you want him to be, you’ll be closer to commitment.

Do you still have a life of your own, or did you drop everything for your relationship?

These are the kinds of questions you definitely must ask yourself and answer them honestly.

If you’re the main reason he has pulled away from the relationship, then you and your choices are the answer. Get started with making some personal alterations. This is not at all to say you have to alter your self into some one different, but simply try to look back at that girl that your stud became crazy in love with.

Maybe its time to rearrange some of priorities and look into what some of the experts say ..there are some great systems out there designed to show you how to get a man to commit and realize the full potential of a lifetime together.

Settle for Dating

You’re thinking about placing oneself around and locating the adore of one’s life. Maybe you are just considering unwinding and getting enjoyable for now. Regardless, when you make the selection to start dating, it’s often unpredictable and uncharted territory. That does not mean you are going in blind. Right here is some never ever fail dating tips for all those of you receiving to go out: know when to settle!

First, it really is significant which you not be afraid to settle in the start. This will not imply you should date jerks at first and operate your way as much as a prize. What this piece of dating advice seeks to convey is the fact that it is best to not get held up by the image of an ideal companion as you date around. You might possess a form in thoughts, but that doesn’t mean that you simply won’t come across a superb connection with someone who possesses characteristics you could in no way have realized you had been attracted to. Artificial defining lines like age, weight, and height can serve as blinders to additional vital qualities, like integrity, sense of humor and kindness. In other words, settle your preconceived notions about what an ideal companion should really be.

There are many singles online dating sites that can help you find your dream date. Have a look for those site and try for your self.

Find Out How To Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend From Another Woman

If your boyfriend has just broken up with you, seeing him with a new girlfriend can make you feel very hurt. However if this new girl has just appeared suddenly in his life very shortly after breaking up with you, then he is on the rebound.

This type of relationship is usually short lived, so you shouldn’t feel threatened by it. If you want to know how to win back your ex boyfriend from his new girlfriend then read this article for a few simple but very effective tips.

The first thing you should do is to accept the break up and move on. Although this may not be what you want to do, it could make him start to miss you and regret breaking up with you. He may appear happy with his new girlfriend but if he is simply replacing you then it may not last very long.

Your ex boyfriend is used to being in a relationship, and even though he split up with you he doesn’t want to be alone. She may look similar to you, and may even have a similar personality. If he seems to have become very close to her in such a short space of time then it could certainly point to a rebound relationship.

The best thing you can do if you want to win back your ex is to accept his hew girlfriend and be pleasant towards her. Your initial reaction may be jealousy, and a desire to pull her hair out! This is the worst thing you could do and you will end up pushing them closer together.

Behaving in a desperate manner and chasing after your ex boyfriend won’t make him want to get back with you, in fact it will drive him further away. No man wants to be with a needy and clingy girl.

If you want to know how to win back your ex boyfriend from his new girl you should play it cool and try to keep friends with him. At least this way he will still be in your life, and if this new relationship ends you will be there to offer him support. There is no guarantee that you will get back again with your ex, but you can greatly boost your chances by following these strategies

Discover How To Get Your Ex To Like You Again

how to get your ex to like you againLots of couples say things they regret and break up as a result. If this has happened to you don’t worry as you can win back your ex again. If you want to know how to get your ex to like you again read this article..

The chances are that your ex doesn’t hate you, even if you said some terrible things to him or her. If you want to get your ex back again the best thing is to play it cool,even if you feel the break up was your fault. Avoid contact and don’t send desperate text messages begging him to take you back. This will only push him or her further away.

Think about the row you had, and what caused it. Have things been building up for some time? Often a lack of communication can cause resentments and misunderstandings in a relationship. Allow some time before you call your ex. About a week or so is enough to evaluate the situation and decide if you really want to save the relationship. If your ex calls you during this time, be friendly but cool. Keep the conversation fairly short and don’t make yourself too easily available if he wants to see you.

If you want to know how to get your ex to like you again this is a proven strategy. Once you become a challenge it makes you seem more attractive. We all want what is hard to get, and if your ex sees that you aren’t just waiting around for his or her call, and have an active social life outside the relationship, then you will be on his or her mind. After a while your ex may begin to regret breaking up with you, and you will have achieved your goal which is to win back your ex. This is only the start though, and you will have a lot of work ahead to keep the relationship strong.

Top Tips To Help You Win Back Your Ex

Having your partner break up with you can be very hard to deal with. It can take a long time to recover and you may be going through a whole range of emotions immediately after the split. If you are keen to win back your ex you need to take time to work out a plan of action.

Firstly what was the reason for the break up? If you were guilty of cheating then you are going to have to win back your ex’s trust.This can take a long time and you will need a lot of patience. You will need to say sorry and really mean it. There is no good trying to win back your ex if you don’t love him or her anymore. Ask yourself if the relationship is really worth saving.

Leave things for a few days to let emotions calm down and then give your ex a call. After apologising for your behaviour give a quick explanation of why you cheated. Don’t pressurise or beg your ex to take you back. Make the call short, but say you love him or her and really regret your actions. Also say that you hope he or she can forgive you and that you can keep in touch and remain friends.

This keeps the line of communication open, as if you remain friends your ex will still be in your life. It’s fairly common for couples to start out as friends, and there is always a good chance you will get back together. Just be there for your ex when he or she has problems or suffering heart ache from another break up.

If your partner broke up with you because they felt things weren’t working and they want some space then you need to find out what went wrong. Don’t put all the blame on yourself as it’s so easy when you are in an emotional state to start blaming yourself.

The best thing to do if you want to win back your ex is to have a clean break from each other. Don’t be tempted to send frantic text messages or make begging phone calls. This will only push your ex further away. Just get on with your life for a few weeks and start socialising with your friends again. The next thing you have to do is start being unavailable. No one likes something that’s too easy to get. Most people naturally enjoy conquering a challenge.

Your ex will be wondering what you are doing, and when she or he does meet up with you they will be shocked to see a new confident and independant you.

Can A Relationship Survive Cheating? Top Tips To Help You Decide.

Can a relationship survive cheating? Have you just discovered that your partner has been cheating? This can have a devastating effect on your relationship, but does it mean the end? Not necessarily. Affairs usually mean that something was missing in the relationship that prompted your partner to look elsewhere.

This is more common in a long term relationship when couples have been together for five or more years. Taking each other for granted and becoming complacent is all too common. You start to feel comfortable and falsely believe that you don’t need to try so hard.

Cheating can either break the relationship apart, or make it much stronger. A lot of this depends on whether or not you can win back the trust. This can take some time, leaving feelings of suspicion and doubt for the person who has been cheated on.

If your partner owned up to the affair and was very honest with you, then this can be easier to forgive than finding out through a mutual friend, or through your own detective work. Was the affair just a quick fling after an office party? Or was it an ongoing affair that started some time ago, and is still going on?

Can a relationship survive cheating if it has been a long term affair that has only recently ended? You will really have to discuss this in depth with your partner. Honesty and communication are vital and the key to a successful relationship.

Some Of The Best Things to say to get your girlfriend back

What are the best things to say to get your girlfriend back? I hear you say after she has dumped you. If you were cheating on her, then the first thing you need to say to her is sorry. This may sound obvious but it has to be genuine. Have you stopped seeing this other girl? and are you still in love with your ex?

Don’t be pushy if your ex won’t talk to you. She will be feeling hurt and betrayed. You will need to give her time to calm down and see things objectively. Wait a few days before you call her, but don’t leave it any longer otherwise she will feel that you don’t care. If she lets you talk and doesn’t put the phone down, say how sorry you are and how much you love her. Unfortunately she may not believe you and you will have to be persistent.

Always be sincere and listen to her. If she tells you all the things that have angered her and made her feel betrayed, don’t interrupt and argue your case. Let her finish and say how sorry you are and admit your faults and bad behaviour. Be honest and don’t try and deny anything. Women are more intuitive than men and can pick up on lies much easier.

Things to say to get your girlfriend back
should include lots of compliments. Tell her how good she looks and comment on her hair or a piece of jewellery she is wearing. Reminisce about some of the great times you shared together and see if that helps to win her back.