Helpful Facts Families Should Know About Dopamine Levels In ADHD Children

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a basic mental health syndrome having an impact on millions of children throughout the world. In clinical terms, it’s regarded as a neurobehavioral condition since it affects the portion of the brain responsible for one’s behavior patterns.

Even though it is generally more prevalent among children and teens, it can and does affect a lot of grown ups as well. In truth, research reveals that more or less 50% of boys and girls who are diagnosed with the disorder will have it all through their lives, although many won’t have to have prescribed medication once they reach their adult years.

Countless studies have established that dopamine levels in ADHD children are substantially different in comparison with youngsters without this dysfunction. In all humans however, the brain is known to produce five types of dopamine receptors………D1 to D5.